How to Make a Wifi Antenna for Laptop – 5 EASY HOME HACKS


Working with a laptop that struggles with Wi-Fi connectivity is a real pain. These issues can be due to poor performance of the in-built Wi-Fi antenna or can be caused by a laptop Wi-Fi antenna being broken or because of obstacles and distance of your laptop from the Wi-Fi router.

However the costly USB Wi-Fi adapters have been serving as a solution to this. But what if I tell you how to make a Wi-Fi antenna for your laptop without spending a lot of money as you do on those adapters? Yes it is possible to enhance your Wi-Fi without spending a fortune on expensive adapters.

 In this guide we are going to give step-by-step elaboration on five easy hacks on how to boost your Wi-Fi for your laptop without spending much.

Number # 1: Using Internet Cable

Starting from the easiest way to make a Wi-Fi antenna for the first one you’d need the following things:

Material Required:

  • Cutter
  • Small-sized internet cable
  • Scissor

Steps To Follow:

  1. In the first step you’d need to cut the small-sized internet cable into half with scissors.
  1. Next peel the wire covering through the cutter carefully without affecting the connector at one end.
  1. Now separate all the multi-colored wires and twist them all properly again or simply just twist the cable perfectly.
  1. On the second end of the wire you can see the mouths of 8 wires folding them outward so that this gives them a flower shape.
  1. Now finally insert the connector into your laptop’s internet port and connect your laptop with the desired Wi-Fi and enjoy the speed of the internet twice or thrice the earlier one.


Number # 2: Using a blood pressure meter

Now the next quick way to make a Wi-Fi antenna for your laptop or PC that will boost the ability to receive signals from far-located Wi-Fi routers.

Material Required:

Following are the things you’ll need:

  • Data cable
  • Blood pressure meter

Steps To Follow:

  1. Here in this hack you’d have to open the lower end of the blood pressure meter and separate the internal part of this machine with the meter.
  1. Now take the female part or simply the narrowed part of the narrow cable and fix it between the discs of the internal part of the data cable.
  1. Now connect the male part of the cable to your laptop and connect it with your Wi-Fi and enjoy the enhanced speed of Wi-Fi through this quickly made wi-fi antenna.


Number # 3: Using Soda Can

Moving forward here comes the third way of enhancing the Wi-Fi speed by making a Wi-Fi Antenna.

Material Required:

Things you’ll need:

  • soft drink can
  • coax cable
  • cutter
  • Wi-Fi adapter plug

Steps To Follow:

  1. For this first you’ll have to cut the can from its mouth end through a cutter then wash and dry this can.
  2. Now cover the opened part with tape.
  1. Next you’ll have to make a hole in the center of its other end of a size that the coax cable can pass through.
  1. Cut the coax cable into the desired size and insert one part of it into the hole made on the lower end of the can and fix it with tape so it doesn’t move.
  1. Now at the other end of the coax cable cut a few inches of wire covering and one inch of center wire to bring out the non-insulated part of copper wire. 
  1. In this step insert the non-insulated part of the central core into the Wi-Fi plug adapter and connect the adapter to your laptop.

Hence finally you’ve successfully made a Wi-Fi antenna to improve the internet speed of your laptop.

Number # 4: Using Paper Clip

The fourth quick hack of making a Wi-Fi antenna for your laptop doesn’t make it any less of the ideas mentioned above.

Material Required:

For this you’ll need:

  • Ballpoint
  • Paper clip
  • Tape
  • Lighter

Steps To Follow:

  1. For this first align the paper clip straight and then bend it into an “L” shape so that the horizontal part can be inserted into the Wi-Fi port of your laptop.
  1. Next take out the pen from the ballpoint and cut the tube in a way that it fits the horizontal part of “L” of the paper clip.
  1. Heat the topping of a ballpoint tube on a horizontal part of an L-shaped paper pin in a way that these two sticks together and don’t get displaced.
  1. Now cover this whole L-shaped antenna with tape and insert the Horizontal end into the Wi-Fi port of the PC to experience the fast speed of the internet because of the antenna she made to improve her WIFI.

Number # 5: Using Metal Sieve-like Container

Now the final trick of designing an easy antenna like others is absolutely fun. Being fifth on the list this idea isn’t the least among any of the given ideas. 

Material Required:

 Here are the things you’ll be needing:

  • Wi-Fi doing
  • Data cable
  • The metal sieve-like container
  • Tape

Steps To Follow:

  1. Attach the Wi-Fi dongle with the help of tape or any other tool in the center of a Sieve-like container.
  1. Now insert one end of the data cable into the Wi-Fi adapter and connect the other end to your laptop.
  1. Once connected now be careful with how you place the Wi-Fi antenna container to get most of the signals.
  1. The best way to decide its position is to keep moving and finally stop at a situation where signals that offer high speed are received.
  1. Now this tool is ready enough to facilitate you with increased Wi-Fi connectivity and a better speed of internet.

Is Your Laptop’s WiFi Antenna Good Enough?

My laptop has been having signal problems and I’m wondering if I need to replace my WiFi antenna to get a better signal. How do I know if it’s the antenna or something else causing the problem? Is it even possible to replace the antenna myself? And what can I do with my old one if it doesn’t work anymore? These are all questions that have been on my mind lately and hopefully this article will help me find some answers.

To begin before we talk about wireless networks and how they work it’s important to understand what an antenna is. An antenna is a device used to transmit or receive radio waves. For example an old-fashioned TV set has an antenna attached to its backside that allows you to pull in signals from broadcast towers far away and watch your favorite shows.

When using Wi-Fi for an internet connection at home the router typically has an antenna that sends and receives data across the airwaves. Routers usually have more than one antenna for this purpose; for instance most routers have three antennas. You might wonder if the router with three antennas will provide better coverage than one with two or even one.

But the answer is not always so simple because each of these antennas is transmitting different types of data at different frequencies–one transmitting at 2.4GHz while another transmits at 5GHz–and as such may not be strong enough to be received by some devices like tablets laptops or smartphones when in other parts of the house due to distance limitations imposed by the physical structure of homes.

How to determine if your wifi antenna is good enough?

If you can’t access wireless networks or your internet connection is slow and spotty you may be dealing with a wifi antenna that needs replacing. Let’s discuss how to determine if your Wi-Fi antenna is good enough for your laptop. Check out our step-by-step guide on how to fix it.

The first thing you need to do is look at the back of your laptop near the vents and locate the following items: Air Vent Battery Pack Ethernet Connection Port (most laptops only have one port). Next you will want to find the antennas located near these items.

Then hold your hand around each antenna individually. You will want to make sure there are no obstructions from nearby walls or devices such as cell phones. If there are obstructions they should be removed before conducting this test so that you get an accurate reading of whether or not your laptop’s Wi-Fi antenna is working properly.

Now place your hand on each antenna separately and see which one produces more heat as this indicates stronger Wi-Fi signal strength in most cases.

Five easy ways to improve your signal strength

These days a majority of people have a wireless internet connection at home. If you’re part of that group then you probably know how frustrating it can be when your internet speed slows down or even stops working. If your router is placed in a central location you’ll need to extend its signal so that it reaches all corners of your house. What does extending your router’s signal mean and how do you do it? Let’s find out! There are five easy ways to improve your signal strength:

1) Update your firmware;

2) Move the antenna;

3) Use a wired Ethernet cable;

4) Try using an external antenna for better reception;

5) Put your laptop close to the router. A good rule of thumb is that if you’re experiencing disconnections on the floor below the router try moving it up one floor.

Improve laptop wireless signal with a wireless adapter

If you have a desktop computer it’s easy to replace your current wireless antenna with a better one. But if you have a laptop computer replacing your antenna is trickier. If you don’t know what you’re doing opening up your laptop can be risky business and might even void your warranty. Fortunately there are options for making do with what you already have.

Understand Wi-Fi Strength with iStumbler and Netstumbler

Stumbler is a free Wi-Fi stumbler and discovery tool that runs on Windows and Mac OS X. It allows you to view detailed information about access points devices and channels around you in real-time. It features client mode where it can connect to wireless networks; as well as AP mode where it can be used as an access point to share an Internet connection with other Wi-Fi devices such as laptops or smartphones. Netstumbler is similar to Stumbler but it runs only on Windows (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions). Netstumbler also has its own channel statistics feature which displays the signal strength of every available channel within range of your device.

It’s important to make sure your laptop’s antenna can pick up the strongest signals so that you have a good overall experience when using the WIFI connection for streaming movies surfing the internet or making Skype calls. Some antennas work better than others so this should be taken into consideration when purchasing your laptop.


The above five-mentioned tricks of how to make a Wi-Fi antenna for your laptop are not just cheap but also easy to make too. We hope these five best laptop Wi-Fi antenna solve the internet connectivity issues. Remember to be cautious while trying these methods and take all required precautions before experimenting with any method.

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