How To Open HP 15 Laptop? [Easiest Way]

Laptops being machines are quite likely to undergo damage that may be either physical or mechanical. But this does not always mean that you have to get a new laptop every time the older one breaks down. You can try figuring out the nature of the damage first and then solving the problem yourself if possible.

Here is one thought that will definitely strike your mind .i.e How can you open your laptop by yourself to treat the damage? Well you don’t need to worry about this anymore.

Because we have come up with this great guide on “How to open a hp 15 laptop?” to help you with the laptop opening process. Along with this we will also be sharing some pre-opening preparatory steps along with warnings and cautions. We will also share some great tips in the end to make this process easier and much more efficient for you.

How to Open a hp 15 Laptop

Before you Begin

Before you begin to open your hp 15 laptops make sure to keep these points in mind:

  • Always keep a Philips head screwdriver and a pair of tweezers with you before starting with the process.
  • Ensure that the computer is powered off. Disconnect the modem or Ethernet cable. Also unplug the power cord.
  • Keep the computer on a work surface that is flat clear and stable over a non-carpeted floor.
  • It is strongly recommended by HP to use a conductive foam pad and an anti-static wrist wrap when working on the computer.
  • Make sure not to remove any part from its protective packaging unless it’s the time for its installation.

Warnings and Cautions

There are some special warnings and questions that must be considered before opening a hp 15 laptop. Some of these points are mentioned below:

  • Before you start opening your hp 15 laptops make sure to turn off your computer and give some time for the heated components to cool down.
  • Your hp 15 laptops might contain parts that are susceptible to damage by electrostatic discharge (ESD). To keep your computer protected from this damage make sure that your working room has a non-carpeted floor. You can wear an ESD wrist strap linked to a grounded surface and use a static dissipative work surface for lowering the chances of ESD damage.
  • Opening of the laptop must people formed by a qualified service agent for ensuring a safe and efficient process. Before you think of servicing your laptop on your own always see the risk and check the product warranty.

Steps by Step Guide

Step No 1:

Remove the battery. Unsecure the CD/DVD devices and remove them. Then take out the bottom screw from the case. Look for the total number of screws that were not seen in the assembly.

Step No 2:

To separate the bottom case from the palm a great technique is using a plastic opener.

Step No 3:

Pull off the bottom plates after rotating the laptop to 180 degrees.

Step No 4:

Take out the three screws that connect the case and the drive bracket using a Phillips-head screwdriver. Unplug the hard drive cord connected to the motherboard. Released the cable by unlocking the connector. For releasing the cable raise the locking tab carefully. Now pull out the cable from the connector.

Step No 5:

Remove the hard drive assembly by opening the laptop. If your SSD or hard drive is near to getting fail then it is recommended to substitute it with a new one. Movement of SATA cable and bracket to the new drive is also required.

Step No 6:

Remove all RAM modules from the motherboard for the installation of two memory modules.

Step No 7:

Fill the USB LED status board by losing the screws. Remove the connection between the motherboard and the power cord.

Step No 8:

Take out the USB LED status board.

Step No 9:

Now take out the screw of the optical DVD drive by unscrewing it. Disconnect the motherboard and the power cord. Also disconnect the optical drive board for easy access.

Step No 10:

Remove the screws holding the cooling fan from the case and remove the cooling fan.

Step No 11:

From the WiFi the card disconnects the Ethernet or wireless network cable services.

Step No 12:

From the display the hinge takes out two screws keeping the cables far from the monitor.

Step No 13:

Remove the DC power jack by opening up the hinge.

Step No 14:

The power button is installed on the right side of the hp 15 laptops. Take out the whole button board for preserving the button.

Step No 15:

Take out the card by losing the screws and take out the motherboard from the case.

Removing the LCD Screen

For the removal of the LCD screen follow these steps:

  • Installing display bezel.
  • Remove the bezel completely.
  • Take out four screws to the side brackets from the LCD screen.
  • From the back of the keyboard hang the LCD and turn it over.
  • Replace the LCD’s backlight.

Closing your hp 15 Laptop

From the left of the power options screen you can choose the closing option of your choice. By clicking that button different options available are:

  • Sleep
  • Do nothing
  • Hibernate
  • Shut down

Tips to follow

  • To save the base enclosure from damage be very careful when separating the optical drive bay’s surrounding area from the top cover.
  • Provide enough room for the display panel cables and antenna to avoid damage.


Many people who own HP 15 laptops ask the question Can you open it? The simple answer to this question is yes you can open your HP 15 laptop and upgrade it with additional memory or replace the battery. There are many things that you can do to improve your experience with your HP 15 laptop and make it last longer than most laptops of its type do even if it isn’t being used by you as frequently as you would like to use it to justify keeping it for such a long time. In this article we will explore how to do this.


With most laptops you can remove or open just about any part by following a few simple steps. You should be able to do it in less than a minute. However with some laptops that’s no longer possible. When I took my HP 15 laptop apart and started taking out screws it became evident that they were all glued in place. No amount of prying would make them budge.

My first thought was What a piece of junk! But then I remembered how much money I paid for it—and decided to see if there was anything else I could do before throwing it away. After doing some research online I found several videos on YouTube showing people trying to take their HP 15 apart only to find that all of their screws had been glued down too.

It seemed like there wasn’t much hope for me either—until one person mentioned something interesting: If you heat your screwdriver you can usually get them loose without damaging anything else. So is there an easy way to open an HP 15 laptop without breaking anything? The answer is yes! And here’s how…


Please be careful when opening a laptop. Unless you have experience working with laptops avoid opening them yourself! Opening a laptop can take strength and practice. There are about 40 screws in each laptop that need to be removed and can break or crack if handled incorrectly. Instead of attempting to open your laptop give your local computer repair shop a call. They will know exactly how to open it properly and will charge only $30-$60 for their labor.


To open your laptop you’ll need a pry tool. Remove it by sticking your fingers under one of its edges and pulling upward. Once you’ve popped up one side lay your pry tool along with all four corners of your laptop and use it to lift each edge gently until it comes free from its hinges. Now that it’s loose move around to where you can see three screws.


Yes you can open a hp laptop. But why are you trying to open it if it is new? You should look at opening an old one that is damaged and need to be recycled. When it comes to opening a laptop you have to be extra careful because of electrostatic discharge that can cause damage to your precious components inside. This is easy if you know what precautions and steps must be taken before proceeding with any repair or disassembly process.


In theory you can open an HP 15 laptop without any special tools by performing what’s called a pry test. This process involves wedging a thin metal object (such as a paper clip) into the seam of your laptop to break through the glue that’s holding it together. Theoretically once you remove enough of these glue wedges your computer will fall apart.

However we don’t recommend trying it—not only is there a chance you could damage your computer but opening it like this also puts stress on internal components and can lead to costly repairs down the road. Instead consider using one of these methods: use an HP-approved service provider or take your laptop to an authorized retailer for professional help. Or if you just want to get inside for fun or curiosity’s sake try our last method: YouTube! There are tons of videos showing how others have opened their laptops and most offer step-by-step instructions with photos so even if you don’t have experience with computers or electronics they’re easy to follow.

And here are 2 reasons why I shouldn’t open it…

-) First of all I don’t want to risk my laptop keyboard. If I open it and break something by not doing it correctly then I’m going to have to buy a new one because I can’t afford another one atm. :/ -) Second of all if someone was watching me trying to open my laptop without knowing what they were doing and tried to copy me when opening their laptop then that might also damage their computer too! So here’s how you can open your HP 15 laptop:

Just follow these steps:

1. Remove battery

2. Remove the hard drive

3. Remove RAM

4. Open up the case

5. You should see your motherboard

6. Take out any screws from underneath

7. Now you can easily remove your motherboard

8…and voila! You’ve opened up your laptop 

Here are the 4 reasons why I should open this laptop

Here are 4 reasons why I should open and use your laptop. 1. Because it looks brand new and untouched 2. Because I can see your Netflix running on it 3. Because you let me sleep on your couch for a few nights so I can return the favor for saving me some money at a hotel (and gaining space in my room). 4. You don’t need it anymore anyway…it’s just taking up space in your house/office!


This was all about how to open your hp 15 laptops. In case you have any other questions feel free to leave us a message below.  We would love to guide you further.


  • 1.    How to remove the back of the hp 15 laptop?

Firstly turn over your hp 15 laptop and open its case using a plastic opening tool. Visualize the laptop’s perimeter and place the tool in the back half and front of the hammerhead. In the end pull the lid cover up to remove it.

  • 2.    Can I safely disassemble my laptop?

Yes you can safely disassemble your laptop considering the use of plastic opening and closing tools. Also deal with the laptop gently during disassembly to avoid the breakage of any component.

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