How to start a Toshiba Laptop in Safe Mode? [4 Ways]


Are you facing any issues in booting off your Toshiba laptop? Here’s the right and instant solution to your problem. Every laptop executes the windows operating system in the same way a Toshiba laptop also do’s so. You can use a safe mode to figure out the problem running in some programs on the laptop. Therefore follow the guidelines below to know how to start a Toshiba laptop in safe mode.

Best 4 Ways to Start a Toshiba Laptop in Safe Mode

Pursue these 4 ways and grasp these techniques on how to start a Toshiba laptop in safe mode.

1-Restart your laptop

  • First turn on your Toshiba laptop. Once you start your laptop then shut it down and quickly restart it.
  • Resume the Toshiba laptop by pushing the power key of the device. As soon as you complete this step heed onto the next one shortly.
  • Hit the “F8” Key. The simple way to turn on your Toshiba laptop in safe mode is to tap the F8 key appearing on the keyboard immediately after pressing the power button of the laptop.
  • This option mostly works in older windows versions like Toshiba satellite safe mode windows 7 or 8 but not in the new ones which include Windows 10.

2-Choose the Advanced Start-up Settings in Toshiba Safe Mode Windows 10

If Toshiba satellite f8 is not working use the other settings from the device and boot the laptop to safe mode.

  • If your laptop starts click on the Start Menu at the bottom of the screen; select Power and then hold on to the shift key when clicking restart.
  • This will move you to a screen where you see the option ‘Troubleshoot’ which means you can either restart your computer or slide onto the next section of Toshiba laptop advanced boot options. Click on ‘Advanced options.
  • Simply do this by moving your cursor keys or do it through the arrow.
  • After that find out more recovery options and tap startup settings and hit Restart.
  • The screen that appears now includes some points. Read them and look for ‘Enable Safe Mode’ and select it by using the number key or a function key then hit ‘Enter’ to proceed on. You can also check for more options depending on the issue on your laptop.
  • After you click the number key a black screen shows up on the laptop indicating that you are on safe mode.

How to Disable the Safe Mode from your Laptop?

When you have activated safe mode on your laptop meanwhile you can also disable it. To finish the safe mode from your laptop and swirl back to normal mode you need to restart again from the start menu of your gadget.

3-Ways to Quit Toshiba laptop startup problems

Instantly trigger your laptop and end up all the issues from your windows programs by applying these steps.

  • If your laptop doesn’t start gently click on the power button to turn off the laptop. Keep on doing this at least three times until an ‘Automatic Repair’ icon prompts.
  • Once it pops up click on troubleshoot then advanced options.
  • Subsequently repeat the rest of the steps given above and ‘Enable Safe Mode.

4-How to Boot Safe Mode?

  • Search ‘MSConfig’ or ‘system configuration’ in the menu accustomed beside the start menu.
  • Then click on System Configuration press the bar showing ‘Boot’ then tick on ‘Safe boot’ below.
  • Then two icons come into view on the screen which shows ‘Restart or Exit without Restart’. Tap the ‘Restart’ button to apply the safe mode.

In Case Your Laptop isn’t starting in safe mode

Resolve the BIOS configuration of your laptop if you want your laptop to turn on in safe mode. Make changes in this configuration so you get aware of any issue if it reverts.

Few More Hacks

Did you come across some malware wreaking havoc all over your interface? If you are panicking over what to do look no further.

No need to go to your nearest IT service provider you can fix the problem by yourself sitting comfortably at home!

Safe mode is the saving grace for when your laptop starts glitching and keeps you from getting all of your important work done. It will help you observe and identify the main problem. If you do not know where to start this troubleshooting tool will be your greatest ally.

Starting safe mode in Toshiba laptops is fairly simple. Here are simple steps to follow:

  • Activate your PC.
  • Press the F8 key while it is turning on.
  • You will see a black screen with white options.
  • Use the arrow keys to select the ‘safe mode’ option.

Since Toshiba is a specialized IT provider it is recognized globally and has worked to provide safer operations for its consumers. Knowing when to take advantage of these safeguards is vital to a fully functioning PC. They can help with some of the common dilemmas your laptop can put you in.

Toshiba Laptop Black screen

It is one of the most frequent occurrences but also the trickiest one to solve. A black screen will leave your laptop stuck without a prior warning or hint. If you were working on a 5000-word essay I have some bad news for you…

This problem may be caused by many reasons some of them being:

  • Laptop overheating
  • Issues with your laptop’s Operating system
  • Issues with your laptop’s graphic card
  • The current file system prevents the operating system from loading

BUT not all hope is lost! You can at least get your laptop working again by rebooting it in safe mode as mentioned above or trying out these other methods:

  • Power Reset the Toshiba Device
  • Check for viruses and malware
  • Update your graphics card driver

Text Box: A piece of advice: in case of spontaneous black screens or system crashes it is encouraged to be prepared. Always back up your data. Some other common problems you may face are:

  • System crash
  • Blue screen
  • Keyboard problems
  • Virus or malware infection

How to recover data if the above methods fail to fix the issue?

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Bonus Question:

How do I start my TOSHIBA laptop in Safe Mode Windows 10?

Answer: Let us break it down into simple steps!

  • Access safe Mode from the “Choose an option” screen
  • Boot windows
  • Open the Start menu
  • Press the power icon
  • Hold SHIFT
  • Select “Restart” while holding SHIFT


  • Is the ‘safe mode’ helpful to remove viruses from the Toshiba laptop?

Certainly you can eliminate all the viruses from your laptop through the safe mode option as this is the purpose of this setting to get rid of all sorts of issues existing in the Toshiba laptop. In addition it also aids to troubleshoot your windows.

  • Will all the programs run properly when we start a Toshiba laptop in safe mode?

A safe mode is used in a Toshiba laptop so one can access the laptop when not functioning effectively. It doesn’t require any program to start up the laptop. In contrast safe mode is only required to troubleshoot the error.

  • How to disable the safe mode and switch back to the normal mode?

This is quite simple. When you have activated the networking safe mode and suspected the problem in the program or driver then you can switch to the normal mode by opening the start menu pressing power and then restarting the device.

  • Q.4. What is the difference between Safe Mode and Safe Mode Networking?

Safe mode is considered to resolve the trouble of the windows of our PC while Safe Mode Networking ends up the same problem; in addition it provides the laptop with internet that is necessarily required during troubleshooting.

The F8 key is allowed only in previous versions of Toshiba windows. However it can’t be applied to Toshiba laptop windows 10 there are many other ways accustomed above through which you can boot your laptop into safe mode networking.


In short we have described the simplest and short ways for our users to start a Toshiba laptop in safe mode. You will surely end up eliminating all the errors from your laptop and regaining an efficiently functioning laptop. Thus all you require is to read the listings carefully and proceed accordingly. These tactics will maintain your laptop.

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