Is Toshiba A Good Brand For Laptops in 2023 [Expert’s Opinion]


Toshiba is the first-ever laptop brand. But today’s question is Toshiba still a good brand for laptops??

Let’s be clear with so many new and advanced players in the market Toshiba isn’t popular anymore. Moreover it’s not as good as compared to its competitors. However this doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of buying.

If you’re reading this article it means you’re considering Toshiba. Here are a few things you should know before purchasing this brand.

An overview and background of the company:

At the start the company did well in laptops. Its sector is outdated it’s competitors but things don’t remain the same forever. Toshiba isn’t continuing its laptop and computer production anymore. They’ve sold the laptop production of their company to Sharp.

However all this doesn’t affect us because we wanna use the laptop and if the product is good who cares who owns the company.

About the brand:

If we talk about the brand so Toshiba is neither a very well-known name nor the brand is considered so good. But they’ve been making laptops for a long time. They’ve different models having different properties. Some of them are good and some of them aren’t.

Pros and cons of the Toshiba brand:

Let’s see what’s good about the brand and what’s not so you can decide easily. Let’s start with the good part first.

Why Toshiba is a good laptop brand?  

1.   Affordable:

From the price point Toshiba is great. They’ve really affordable laptops in different designs and sizes. You can expect the prices to start from 300$. The thing with Toshiba laptops is that you get a decent value for the amount you’re paying.

2.   Durable:

This is a plus point that these laptops are pretty durable. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t handle your laptop with great care you can still expect Toshiba’s laptop to stay with you.

3.   Range of laptops:

Toshiba has something for everyone. Whether you’re a businessman gamer student or just need it for your work you can find something that meets your needs. Their laptop range starts pretty affordable and goes high so everyone can get something.

Following are some of their famous series

  • Tecra series
  • Satellite series
  • Kiara book series
  • Qosmio series
  • Portege series

Why Toshiba isn’t it a good laptop brand?

That was all for the good part. Now let’s see why Toshiba isn’t a good brand for laptops.

1.   Not so good quality:

Yes their laptop quality isn’t that good. But didn’t we just say they’re durable?

If we consider the hardware quality it’s in between good and bad. It’s not as good as Dell or HP. However it’s not that bad that it’ll start making a fuss in a short time. It’s just mediocre quality that works fine to get all your jobs done. If you care much about what quality of the hardware is used in the laptop you won’t be very happy with Toshiba.

2.   Not a good design:

If you want your laptop to be elegant don’t go for Toshiba. Their designs are pretty simple and they don’t care much about the aesthetics. This doesn’t mean the laptop isn’t presentable at all. However compared with other brands out there it’s not that good.

3.   Warranty but no warranty:

Either you’ll get no warranty at all or just 1 year of warranty. Even the repair terms and services aren’t good at all. There is a chance if you send the company your laptop for repair they’ll charge you for the delivery. Yes most companies don’t charge their customers for that but Toshiba does.

4.   Bloatware:

Bloatware (pre-loaded software) is extremely irritating. It takes up your storage and most of the time this software isn’t even useful. It seems like Toshiba loves to add bloatware to their laptop. Their laptops have so much bloatware that you might need to clear up your laptop even before using it.

5.   No innovation:

Unlike Apple or other big names Toshiba doesn’t think about innovating. They just go with the flow and don’t introduce new technologies in the market. This is also a big reason why Toshiba is left behind in this brand game.

6.   After-sale tech support:

After-sale tech support is horrible at Toshiba. Contacting them online is not a very good experience. They have very little social media presence. However you can contact them through their website.

Now should you buy a Toshiba laptop?

There’s no clear yes or no answer to this question. It depends on you. Considering the above-mentioned pros and cons ask yourself is this what you want? Do you want the premium quality or want an affordable laptop to get your tasks done?

Buy this brand’s laptop if

  • you’re not a brand freak
  • you want an affordable laptop
  • and you want it to last long
  • you don’t care too much about the quality and design. You want to get your work done.

Don’t buy a Toshiba laptop if

  • you care about the brand that you’re buying
  • you’re not on a very tight budget
  • you want the aesthetics
  • you want the premium quality

Why Toshiba is a great brand for laptops?

Toshiba brand may not be the first one that comes to mind when you are thinking about buying a new laptop but it should be one of the options you seriously consider. Here’s why Toshiba laptops are great value for money and why you should consider them as your choice of laptop over other popular brands like Asus or Dell.

What makes Toshiba laptops stand out?

When deciding on what brand of laptop to purchase it’s important to determine which specs are most important to you. If size and portability are high on your list look at brands like Lenovo and Asus. If battery life is your priority Dell or Apple might be better choices. Or if price matters most consider Asus or Acer. And if you simply need something that runs quietly and efficiently without all those bells and whistles Samsung might be a good fit for you. But no matter which brand you choose remember that there are plenty of other options out there and not every model will have everything you want. It’s important to do your research before making any decisions so you can be sure to find exactly what you want in a laptop. With so many options available it pays to take your time choosing one especially when considering factors like processor speed storage capacity and screen resolution. The more time you spend doing the research before buying a new computer the more likely it is that you’ll end up with one that meets all of your needs.

What’s inside a Toshiba laptop?

If you are thinking about purchasing a laptop and want to know what’s inside one here are some of its internal components:


A motherboard links all of your computer’s components together. It also directs power from your laptop battery to run your processor and any other parts that need it. Some mainboards have an on-board graphics processing unit (GPU) so you can watch movies or play games with better-looking graphics and faster frame rates.


The central processing unit (CPU) does most of your computer’s heavy lifting. Think of it as a brain that processes information quickly and efficiently. You’ll find two types of processors in laptops: Intel Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs and AMD APUs. Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs will give you more performance for editing videos playing games etc. while AMD APUs will be better if you’re looking to save money without sacrificing too much performance.


 Random-access memory (RAM) is where your programs live when they’re running on your laptop. The more RAM you have the more programs you can run at once. Most laptops come with 8GB of RAM these days but 16GB should be plenty for most people.


Your storage device is where your files go when you save them to your laptop. There are several options available such as hard drives solid-state drives (SSDs) hybrid drives and flash storage cards like SD cards or microSD cards. SSDs are generally best because they offer fast read/write speeds and don’t use moving parts like hard drives do which makes them less likely to break down over time. Hybrid drives combine both SSDs and HDDs into one drive so they offer both speed and capacity at a lower price than pure SSDs would cost on their own.

How to pick the right laptop for you?

It’s important to know what you want in a laptop before you begin shopping around. To pick out the right laptop you need to have an idea of what your primary uses will be and how much money you are willing to spend. With so many options on offer it can be overwhelming to choose which one is best for you. You may not be able to afford all of them! There are several factors that you should consider when choosing a laptop: screen size processor speed RAM storage space (hard drive) battery life and weight. Think about how you plan to use your computer: If you’re going to be using it mostly at home or in class then portability might not be as big of a concern as if you plan on taking it with you everywhere.

 Do some research online and check out reviews by experts or other users. You may also want to ask friends or family members who own laptops for their opinions; they’ll likely have more experience than most salespeople when recommending models that work well for certain purposes. Once you’ve narrowed down your list make sure to go into a store and try out each model yourself. This way you can test its performance yourself and see how it feels to use each one.

They’re very lightweight but sturdy making them easy to carry around campus or take on trips without weighing me down too much. Their screens are bright and clear even though they aren’t high-definition like my last model was. The sound quality is excellent too I could watch movies without having to plug in headphones!

Other things to consider about buying a Toshiba laptop

As you can see in our review we can wholeheartedly recommend these laptops for their power and design with features like webcam and connectivity as additional highlights. It’s understandable if you still have some hesitation about buying from a relative newcomer to a market that has been dominated by giants like HP and Dell.

But with deals such as those we have on offer here at Ebuyer there’s never been a better time to get your hands on one of these fantastic pieces of tech. So go ahead and take advantage of our free next-day delivery service or take a look at all of our other offers before deciding what to buy. Whatever you decide we hope you enjoy using your new laptop!

5 Reasons Why Toshiba Laptops are Great:

 1) Great Design The Toshiba Satellite P50t-B-10D boasts an impressive design that makes it look both sleek and professional. With its brushed metal finish and angular lines it looks every bit as good as more expensive competitors like Apple’s MacBook Pro range.

2) Good Value For Money Our exclusive deals mean that not only do these laptops come at an affordable price but they also represent excellent value for money compared to other brands – particularly considering how powerful they are!

3) Powerful Processors Thanks to their powerful processors Toshiba laptops can handle even demanding tasks with ease. You’ll be able to run multiple applications simultaneously without experiencing any lag or slowdown in performance.

4) Excellent Battery Life Because of their power efficiency you can expect your battery life on your new laptop from Ebuyer to last for up to 8 hours without needing a recharge. This means you won’t have to worry about finding somewhere to plug in during long journeys or flights!

5) Full Range Of Features If you’re looking for features such as Bluetooth connectivity and webcam functionality then you’ll be pleased with what Toshiba has on offer here at Ebuyer.

Is Toshiba still a good laptop brand?

Whether it’s one of their popular 2-in-1 devices an ultraportable laptop or a business-class machine there’s a lot to like about Toshiba as a laptop brand. If you want some more specific information about why they’re so good and how they compare to other brands read on.

Here are a few reasons that make Toshiba so popular Toshiba has been around since 1875 which means they have over 140 years of experience in making computers. They started out making telegraph machines and later made calculators before moving into personal computers in 1977. Toshiba was one of IBM’s first computer manufacturing partners when IBM launched its original PC back in 1981. Today they still produce PCs but also manufacture a wide range of electronics including TVs smartphones and tablets under different brand names such as Dynabook and Qosmio.

 This gives them access to all kinds of technologies from various fields—and plenty of expertise when it comes to building quality hardware. While many people think of Toshiba as a Japanese company it’s actually based in America. Their headquarters are located in New York City although they do have offices across Japan and Europe too. The company employs around 180000 people worldwide and operates through four main divisions: Digital Products & Services (computers) Digital Media & Devices (consumer electronics) Energy Systems & Infrastructure (nuclear power plants) and Social Infrastructure Systems & Services (transportation systems). Although Toshiba makes lots of different products these days they’re probably best known for their high-quality laptops.

Will Toshiba make laptops again?

Yes Toshiba has been focusing on mobile devices in recent years but it’s looking to branch out into other areas. In 2015 Samsung took over as Toshiba’s major shareholder. With Samsung having an interest in getting back into computers we might see more collaboration between companies that could result in another high-end line of products from Toshiba. It’s also possible that Toshiba will continue making laptops under its name or even rebrand itself completely. Either way you can count on seeing new options in 2016 and beyond.

This company was founded by Toshio Iue (1874–1955) in 1875 as Tokyo Denki Onkyo Kenkyujo (Tokyo Electric Appliance Research Institute). The name was changed to Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo KK (Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation) in 1918 after being incorporated under Japanese law.

Toshiba or HP Which one is better?

There are many brands out there and from time to time people wonder if certain brands are better than others. Some companies indeed have better reputations than others but that doesn’t mean that their products aren’t worth your time. There are many amazing laptop manufacturers out there and you shouldn’t discount one just because it isn’t as well known.

When you are looking at purchasing a new laptop don’t be afraid to look at lesser-known brands such as Toshiba or HP. These two companies offer excellent products that can compete with any other big name brand on the market today.

When choosing between HP vs Toshiba laptops which one should you choose?

 Both of these companies make high-quality laptops that can stand up against any other company in their field. This means that when it comes down to choosing between them your decision will come down to personal preference rather than quality or price point.

Is ASUS better than Toshiba?

For many PC users choosing between ASUS and Toshiba can be tough. With both of these manufacturers producing great computers which one should you choose? The answer depends on what you’re looking for in your next computer. We’ve created a list to help point you in the right direction. For example: if speed is what matters most to you ASUS might be best for you; if reliability and safety are key factors then perhaps Toshiba would be better for your needs.

Is Toshiba a good brand for laptops?

In recent years brands like Asus have started pushing past traditional companies like Toshiba. While Asus has always been known as a gaming-focused company they’ve recently begun selling high-quality products outside of their niche market as well. Although there are some cases where Asus may be more reliable than its competitors (e.g. MacBooks) in general it’s hard to say whether or not either company is better than another at providing reliable products because each has had success and failure within its respective industry over time (just look at Dell).

How long does the Toshiba laptop last?

If you’re wondering how long the Toshiba laptop last then you’ve come to the right place. The good news is that Toshiba laptops are built for longevity even their lower-end models with most lasting at least five years before any real problems will arise.

There is almost no need to worry about your new laptop giving up on you prematurely but let’s take a closer look and see what things could go wrong and what can be done to prolong its life. One of the first signs of trouble you should be looking out for is discoloration around one or more of your keyboard keys. It won’t necessarily mean anything is broken internally just that it has been exposed to some kind of liquid which can lead to corrosion.

You should also pay attention if there are discolored spots on other parts of your computer like your screen or underneath it because these areas might be prone to water damage as well. If you notice any corrosion simply use rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs (Q-tips) to clean off whatever it is off immediately before it spreads further inside your machine and causes irreparable damage.


  • 1.   Is Toshiba or HP better?

The answer is very simple HP is indeed better.

  • 2.   Does Toshiba still exist?

The company doesn’t only make laptops. They also have their electronics line as well that they’re still working on. However as mentioned above Toshiba has left the game of laptops. They’ve sold their remaining shares to Sahrp. 

  • 3.   Why is my Toshiba laptop so slow?

If your laptop is used for a decent amount of time you can face this problem. Try expanding your memory and delete the unnecessary software.

Bottom line:

Of course the Toshiba laptop can do your day-to-day tasks but don’t expect the quality and design to be like HP or Dell. It’s a good option if you’re on a budget. The best thing is they’ve variety. You’ll get your desired features.

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