How to Boot Lenovo Laptop in Safe Mode – 3 Secret Ways

Is your laptop slowing down? You might be spending hours questing for techniques to boot your Lenovo laptop in safe mode networking. Boot up your Lenovo laptop and eliminate the reduced speed and attack of viruses. Safe mode assists laptop users in identifying the problem and fixing the errors eliminating all glitches by troubleshooting. Thus overcome all these threats by kick-starting your PC in safe mode. Discover some unique methods to boot the Lenovo laptop in safe mode and make your device run expeditiously.

The Most Convenient Ways to Boot the Latest Windows on a Lenovo Laptop

Here are various ways to boot your new versions of Windows operating on your Lenovo laptop in safe mode. It protects your PC from online hackers without exposing your IP address. Your computer safely gets a shelter with networking. This functions when you are logged in to the internet and your device hasn’t linked to a web connection.

Start up your Lenovo Laptop by Restarting

It is not always easy to boot your PC. Restart your Lenovo laptop to help you kick it into safe mode through some adjustments in settings.

  • Select the Windows shortcut key from the keyboard + X key.
  • Move on to the Restart button in the Power menu by pressing down on the Shift tab.
  • Some setting bars will prompt you to click ‘Troubleshoot.’ Then another tab appears titled Lenovo’ Advanced Boot Options’ key. Tap on it and restart.
  • Immediately when your Lenovo laptop resumes a few listicles appears on the interface. It depends if you want to commence your computer in Safe Mode or Safe Mode Networking. If you want to boot it in safe mode go for four or F4 but if you want to choose secure mode networking use five or F5 options.

Lenovo Safe Mode Boot Windows 10 via Settings

Boot Lenovo Windows 10 into safe mode using the settings tab by making some alterations in this section by troubleshooting your device.

  • Go to the Settings section of your desktop (shortcut key: Window tab + I key).
  • On the interface you see many built-in tools. Hit Update and Security and press “Lenovo recovery mode Windows 10”.
  • Browse for the ‘Restart Now’ tab and select it.
  • The laptop will begin restarting. Before shutting down you have to choose some options to complete booting.
  • Press on Troubleshoot and tap on ‘Advanced’ and then hit ‘Start-up’ settings and at the end click Restart.
  • The last and final step is as your PC opens up after restarting to shift your laptop to safe mode click Fn and F4. Yet if you have internet access tap the Fn + F5 button which indicates secure mode networking.

Select Safe Mode from the Login Window

The third technique to boot your Lenovo laptop in safe mode is to alter settings when the sign-in screen pops up on the computer.

  • Initially reactivate your Lenovo laptop.
  • A login window opens on the screen. Synchronously tap on the Shift button and the Power tab to select Restart.
  • When your device initiates Click Troubleshoot Advanced Options and Start up and restart.
  • Again reapply the previous last step by choosing four or F4 and five or F5 in safe mode and safe mode with networking.

Troubleshoot using the laptop’s blank screen

If the boot stops in Windows 10 on your desktop and a blank screen appears you can troubleshoot your PC in safe mode.

  • After the blank screen closes the Automatic Repair emerges. Hit Advanced Options.
  • Press Troubleshoot Start-up settings and Resume.
  • Some keys show up on the interface. Empower Safe Mode by selecting the specific numbers or function tabs.
  • Your PC will restart sign in to your device and the boot is complete.

Use Safe Mode every time your Laptop Restarts.

To enforce applying safe mode on your Lenovo PC whenever you reboot your laptop you have to follow some steps:

  • First use the Start key + the R button adjusted on your laptop keyboard.
  • A dialog box showing ‘Run’ opens. Write ‘MSConfig’ in the box and click OK.
  • Then select the ‘Boot’ option and next tap ‘Safe Boot’ and press ‘Apply.’
  • Eventually restart the PC to apply all the changes made to the system.

Is It Safe to Boot Your Lenovo Laptop in Safe Mode?

Have you ever wondered whether or not it’s safe to boot your Lenovo laptop in safe mode? If so you’re in luck because this article explains exactly what happens when you boot in safe mode and whether or not this differs from your regular desktop setup. You might be surprised to learn that there are some minor differences which we’ll cover here in this guide to booting Lenovo laptops in safe mode.

How to Enter and Exit the Different Modes?

Entering and exiting safe mode can be a lifesaver if you suspect your computer has been infected with a virus or some kind of malware. Below is a breakdown of how to enter and exit each operating system’s safe mode. There are different ways to get into safe mode depending on the type of Windows operating system you have.

If you have Windows 8 press the Power button on your device and hold it down for 7 seconds until it turns off completely. Restart by pressing the power button again for 7 seconds. The screen will say Starting Windows. Immediately start tapping the F8 key before the Windows logo appears onscreen; this will take you into Safe Mode.

When to Use Each Mode?

Sometimes a bit of information can go a long way. When it comes to boot your laptop there are three primary ways you can do so—standard mode recovery mode and safe mode. Standard booting is what most of us think of when we imagine how our computer boots up.

For example when you start your PC or laptop and your login screen appears onscreen that’s standard booting in action. Recovery mode is a feature for restoring the operating system to its factory default settings. You can also reinstall Windows using this mode as well. The final option safe mode is different from the others because this one only loads essential software onto your machine while minimizing any potential malware risks. So with that said if you want to know whether or not it’s possible to boot your Lenovo laptop in safe mode: yes!

How to Restart Into Safe Mode?

How do I restart my Windows computer into safe mode? You may ask yourself. I have an older version of Windows but don’t have a recovery disk or system image to fall back on and I can’t boot into Safe Mode by pressing F8 during startup. Is there any way to boot the Lenovo laptop in safe mode? Use the built-in Microsoft System Restore feature to undo recent changes and restore your computer’s operating system files to an earlier point in time when it was working correctly.

Open the Start menu type System Restore (without quotes) in the search box and then press Enter. Select your preferred restore point (e.g. 1 day ago). Select Next > Finish > Restart now to start your PC with the earlier software configuration.

How to Shut Down Windows 8 or 10 Into Safemode?

To shut down your Windows 8 or 10 computer into safe mode you must use the shutdown command like so: rundll32.exe PowrProf.dll SetSuspendState 010 To shut down windows 7 into safe mode you must do it from a Windows 7 OS disc or USB key. Simply restart the computer and boot from the DVD or USB key instead of the normal hard drive. If Windows does not automatically go into safe mode press F8 on your keyboard when you see Starting Windows during startup and then select Safe Mode with Command Prompt.


In short this article mentions how to boot a Lenovo laptop in safe mode. These are straightforward steps for every user to understand and apply to their laptop settings and boot their PC in safe networking mode. You can secure your device against any damage from online attacks. Do follow the guide and get the best outcome.

Lastly ensure to share your review in the comment section below on how successful it was for you to boot your Lenovo laptop in safe mode.


Q.1. How to turn off safe mode on a Lenovo laptop?

Turn off the safe mode on your Lenovo laptop by pressing the Windows and the R control key simultaneously. As soon as the command box pops up enter ‘MSConfig’ in it press the ‘Enter’ button and search for the ‘Boot’ option. Now deselect the ‘Safe Boot’ tab and finally reboot your laptop.

Q.2. Can we tap on the F8 function to boot the PC in safe mode?

You can troubleshoot your laptop by holding on to the F8 function key. But now this key doesn’t work for the updated Windows 10. The older versions can only be restarted by tapping on the F8 button.

Q.3. Do you have an alternative way to troubleshoot the Lenovo laptop if the above doesn’t work?

There is an option called “Advanced Start-up” in your laptop’s settings folder. Click on this option. Likewise hold on to the F11 button located on the keyboard. You can try this step if your computer does not allow the above steps.

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