How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Laptop Keyboard in 2023?


Technology has been an important area in our lives and it is successfully making our lives much easier. And laptops being one of the most modernized technology is handling all of our daily chores and business pretty decently. And one cannot afford to own a laptop with a damaged keyboard. Because it won’t just cost you your hard-earned dollar but also the loss of many important hours of progressive work and hours of elevation. And the keyboard can be expensive sometimes.

Now the question is how much does it cost to repair a laptop keyboard? And the answer is that it varies and is different for every laptop and its parts.

Cost to repair laptop keyboard:

No one would disagree with the words if I say laptops are a basic part of your lifestyle. No matter if you’re a student a job person an employer or a freelancer each of these areas demands a laptop as the basic necessity of your life. And everyone is well-aware of the importance keyboard holds.

 The cost to repair the keyboard is about 4 USD for different brands like Dell and HP and it might be different depending on what problems you’re facing. It can be as low as 4 USD but if you have a faulty internal keyboard the price can be anywhere between 12USD-22USD. Again the prices of all brands fall in this range. But the cost might vary.

If your keyboard can not be repaired due to severely damaged or broken and unfixable keys your keyboard would be replaced by a new one that would cost you around 20USD-60USD. It is preferred to get it checked by the electronic technician before you conclude yourself.

Some reasons behind the faulty keyboard:

There can be multiple reasons and answer behind that. Certain factors can contribute to an improperly-working keyboard. They are as under;

  • Poor connection:

A laptop might have a disconnected keyboard and won’t work even if the computer is properly functioning in that case you need to show up to the professionals and get it checked. The probability is that it might need replacement.

  • Pollutants:

Dirt and dust and improper cleaning of your keyboard can lead to deficient/limited or no function. Proper cleaning can resolve the issue but gentleness is demanded by the keyboard.

  • Hardware Driver:

This reason is one of the most frequently seen and it can be easily resolved by updating or reinstalling your hardware driver. And since the issue is minor and can be resolved by such easy steps the cost is much lesser.

  • Regional settings

Another reason behind your keyboard not working can be the wrong setting of region or language settings. And if the keyboard is set for any other region or language it might not work according to your language.

How to fix your laptop keyboard at home?

Keyboards can be repaired at home without any expert supervision but up to some extent. You cannot repair and completely remove all faults by yourself without the help of professionals. Rebooting the system and forcing shut down can solve the issue till some point. And as you know rebooting the system and forcing shut down has its consequences too. If you have your unsaved work and you force shut down the system you might end up losing your unsaved work.

As said earlier up to a certain point you can fix the keyboard of your laptop at home.

Of the above-mentioned problems two of them can be resolved with much ease like hardware drive and dirt and dust can be removed easily. But the other can’t be resolved easily and definitely you need to take your laptop to the professionals to get it fixed.

In minor issues you can reboot your system and that’s how you can do it;

For Windows 10

  • Click the start menu
  • Click on power
  • Select restart

It is an easy fast and problem-solving method and most of the trouble that you’re facing on your laptop will go away. And your laptop can get back to normal function in just a matter of minutes. And if your mouse is not working you can always opt to force shut down. And you know you have to long-press the power button for 10-15 seconds until your computer shuts down.

Repairing a Laptop Keyboard: What You Need to Know

How do you repair a laptop keyboard? Do you have the tools? Can you find the replacement parts? Can you even fix one yourself? Whether you’re looking to fix your keyboard or hire someone else to do it here’s what you need to know about laptop keyboards and how to fix them.

  • Yes you can repair a laptop keyboard with time and patience.
  • Take the time to research online how to replace the individual keys on your computer’s keyboard before doing anything else.
  • With patience and determination you can repair a laptop keyboard.
  • Spend some time researching how to replace individual keys before proceeding with any repairs.
  • Don’t be discouraged by this process; it will take some time but if you do it right your laptop will once again function like new.
  • It can take as little as fifteen minutes to fix up a broken key – sometimes less than five minutes depending on the severity of the damage.
  • Once you’ve determined which key needs to be replaced (either because one is missing entirely or simply because there’s something wrong with its electrical contacts) buy an identical replacement key at a hardware store (don’t forget to bring your old key!).
  • When you’re done replacing each key individually remember to remove all excess adhesive and use rubbing alcohol so no residue remains in the crevices between each key.
  • Now press firmly on each key while twisting back and forth in order more easily pull off any glue residue.

How often should you repair your laptop keyboard?

If you’re having problems with your laptop keyboard how often should you repair it? Is it better to replace or repair? That depends on how hard you use your computer and which keyboard is in question. If you’re going through more than one keyboard per year then replacing one may be your best bet.

However if you’re getting about three years out of your current keyboard then repairing may be a better long-term solution for your business. In general the average lifespan of a laptop keyboard is four to five years. For example if you purchase a new laptop at age 18 by age 22 the keyboard will likely need to be replaced. However many other factors affect this estimate including frequency of use quality of workmanship when manufactured environmental conditions (e.g. humidity) etc.

The type of keyboard also matters as well because some laptops come with membrane keyboards while others have built-in keyboards. Membrane keyboards are cheaper and easier to clean but they wear out faster and don’t last as long as their counterparts made from metal domes or scissor mechanisms that cost more but are less susceptible to spills or dust accumulation.

How can you avoid damaging your keyboard if it gets wet or dusty?

The first thing you should do is remove any objects that have fallen into your laptop and unplug your power cord. After you’ve done that take out a towel and dry off your laptop as much as possible. Next turn it upside down and shake it gently from side to side letting gravity move water through all of its components. If there are still some small particles on the keyboard after you’ve dried it then use compressed air or a vacuum cleaner to suck them up. Once the dust and water are gone turn the laptop back over and plug in the power cord again. Finally use compressed air or a vacuum cleaner to blow away any loose dust on the keyboard’s surface.

5 Tips on Choosing the Right Keyboard Cleaner

The way you clean your laptop keyboard can go a long way toward keeping it functional for years. Here are some tips on how to keep your laptop keyboard healthy and most importantly clean!

1) Read the Instructions – Make sure that you read all of the instructions to determine what products can be used and which ones cannot. Most keyboards are safe with alcohol rubbing alcohol or white vinegar. However there may be certain types of keyboards that need other cleaners so make sure you read the instructions first before using anything else.

2) Determine if Alcohol is an Option – If you want to use something more powerful than water like rubbing alcohol or white vinegar then it is best not to use these cleaners directly on the keys themselves because they can damage them over time. Instead pour some of the cleaners onto a cloth and gently wipe down the keys from top to bottom as well as any other part of the keyboard that has collected dirt. It is also important to note that if you do not want to use alcohol but still want something stronger than water then white vinegar can work just as well without damaging your computer hardware.

3) Do Not Let Dirt Sit – Dried-out crumbs can easily become embedded into the crevices between buttons and cause havoc later on when trying to clean them out. To avoid this problem make sure that you pick up any debris right away so it does not have time to dry out and stick around.

4) Consider Using a Vacuum Cleaner – A vacuum cleaner can come in handy when dealing with small particles that might have been missed during manual cleaning. Simply place the vacuum nozzle close to where you think particles might be hiding and turn it on briefly while making circular motions until no new particles show up anymore.

5) Throw Out Your Old Keyboard – Every three months or so it’s probably time to get rid of your old keyboard and buy a new one instead. After all regular wear-and-tear will eventually take its toll regardless of how much care you give it so try rotating through at least two different keyboards every year just to help ensure maximum lifespan!

How to Save Money on Repairs?

Can you repair a laptop keyboard? If your answer is no or if you have no idea what that means then you might be looking at spending some cash on expensive repairs. However it may not be as complicated as it seems – even an amateur can repair a laptop keyboard with minimal effort. See below for some helpful tips and advice on how to save money while repairing your laptop keyboard and extending its lifespan.

 It’s worth noting that there are different types of laptops so the following suggestions may vary depending on the brand of your computer. For example Apple computers can require proprietary equipment to complete a successful repair. Be sure to do some research before you start!

If your laptop has liquid damage or extensive dust accumulation immediately turn off the power source and remove the battery from the back of the device to stop any residual current from entering into delicate components. Then use a vacuum cleaner with compressed air (or canned air) to get rid of all dust particles around keyboards and other sensitive areas inside your device.

How To Remove Sticky Stuff From Your Keyboards?

A common problem with laptops is having food or drink spills on them. And if that food or drink contains sugar it can harden and make it difficult to type on your keyboard. But don’t toss that laptop away just yet! Just follow these steps to get rid of sticky stuff from your keyboard. These tips also work for cell phones and tablets too!


  • When do you know that your keyboard can not be repaired and you need to replace it?

If your laptop keyboard is physically damaged and its connection from the motherboard is lost you need to replace it and the chances of being repaired are very slim almost none at all. In that case you need to eliminate this component from your laptop and replace it with a better-functioning keyboard.

  • Is the cost of repairing a laptop keyboard constant everywhere and for all laptops?

It is obvious that the cost varies depending upon the following factors;

All the above mention factors govern the cost of repair. Different models and brands have different components that have a slight difference in price due to different compositions. Too much “different” we are speaking! And also the region the country city area and amount of professionalism greatly demand a variable price range.

Final Verdict:

The keyboard of the laptop is a sensitive input device and once you have tried all possibly recommended DIYs to fix your keyboard you need to get it reviewed by the electronic technician. How much does it cost to repair a laptop keyboard? If you get it fixed by yourself no dollar at all would be spent. But if it is repaired by a professional the repair cost would be much less than the replacement.

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