How to Replace Laptop Motherboard [Detailed Guide]

Does your laptop motherboard get liquid damage or run out of graphics? Don’t you worry about it! Because our tested strategies will help you replace it in no time. As you all know that laptops are manufactured with intelligent technology and complexity it requires time and hard work to assemble or disassemble it. You will surely damage your laptop processor if you try to assemble and disassemble it with no knowledge.

You are wasting your precious time when you are looking for how to replace a laptop motherboard on another website. The reason is very logical because we contain all the essential information that you need for replacement. Therefore stay with us till the end of the article. It will assist you practically in performing it like a pro.

Things that need consideration before replacing a motherboard

Here are a few important announcements before you begin with replacement. It will help you have a firm grip on replacing a motherboard.

1. Diagnose complications

As a complex part of the laptop it is hard to diagnose the faulty piece of a motherboard in a short time. It is a time-consuming job to conduct the actual faults of the motherboard.

2. Outsource penetration

The motherboard’s condition will worsen if your hair dust and other foreign objects enter it through the fan’s movement. Therefore you are required to keep it spotless.

3. Generation of hardware

If you decide to replace a motherboard it is essential to know about your laptop’s hardware. A motherboard should be according to the generation of hardware—otherwise an old off-the-shelf substitute.

            How to replace a laptop motherboard?

Step 1

Go to the laptop’s settings where you receive the manufacturer’s manual instructions. Please read it carefully before removing components like a hard drive.

Step 2

Power off your laptop and remove the battery from the power cable. As preventive measures wear protective gloves before you remove the battery.

Step 3

Close the laptop lid to keep it protected from external bacteria attacks. After closing it move it upside down to check the processor and other components are in a static position.

Step 4

After removing the hard discs and memory access cover from the screws memory chips are held between clamps. You should remove it with a gentle lift. Here is the pro tip! If you cannot reach its position you can see the position of the PCI card. Memory chips are nearly adjusted with a PCI card.

Step 5

The access door of the processor often becomes resistant to installing a new motherboard. Therefore you must remove the processor to secure the card

Step 6

At the bottom of the laptop remove the screws in an anti-clockwise direction. Because of their small size choose the right size of screwdriver that can function correctly. Yet you should not unscrew the part where the LCD is connected to the machine. While performing it hold the case with a firm grip. Otherwise there can be a chance of falling out.

Step 7

As everything is accomplished open the case with gentle clips. A tight grip can tear out the internal pins. That is why do not press it tightly. In some laptops there is a necessity to eradicate the keyboard. 

Step 8

Finally you will reach the location of the motherboard after disconnecting every link to it. Remove the connection of cards to the mainboard. With the assistance of a tool unscrew the motherboard in a clockwise direction. It will take a few minutes to come out. 

Step 9

As the last step take the motherboard out of the machine. To replace a motherboard install a new one equal to the hardware generation. Therefore it is the right time to assemble a new unit in a reverse sequence. 

Why a Laptop Motherboard is So Important?

Your laptop’s motherboard may not be the most glamorous component of your computer but it is an essential one. Even though it doesn’t have many features such as a graphics card or hard drive your motherboard’s main function is to translate data from your computer’s central processing unit into physical actions that you can see on your screen and hear from your speakers.

A bad motherboard could stop your computer from booting up so if you want to make sure that yours functions properly take care of it by keeping it dust-free and well-ventilated.

The importance of a motherboard

Without a motherboard your laptop wouldn’t be able to function at all. The motherboard connects all of your laptop’s internal parts so that you can use it for basic tasks like typing up emails and surfing websites. Without one your laptop would look much different and it wouldn’t work nearly as well. But even if you aren’t sure what exactly a motherboard does it doesn’t mean that you should ignore them.

 You should always make sure that your computer has a high-quality motherboard to avoid any major issues down the road. After all if something goes wrong with your motherboard now it could cause serious problems later on when there isn’t an easy fix available. If you want to learn more about why having a high-quality laptop motherboard is important then keep reading! We’ll discuss everything you need to know about motherboards below.

The different types of motherboards

There are four primary types of motherboards in laptops: Mini ITX Micro ATX Flex ATX and Full ATX. The type you need depends on your needs but generally speaking you’ll find yourself using either a Mini ITX or Micro ATX if space and portability are high priorities.

A Flex ATX can save you space when it comes to cooling and power requirements. And finally if you want maximum expandability and performance out of your laptop then a full-sized ATX board will be right up your alley. Whichever one you choose though make sure that it has a processor socket and memory slots that match your needs. In other words don’t go for an expensive processor if all you need is something for basic office work.

Things to Look Out For When Buying A New Motherboard

When purchasing a new motherboard whether it be for your desktop or laptop there are several things to consider. The motherboard is an essential component of any computing device; without it nothing else would work. You may also have heard people refer to the motherboard as opposed to using its actual name in describing their computer.

Here are some of the most important things you should look out for when buying a new motherboard In addition to these four main factors other minor details can make all the difference in ensuring that your new motherboard will continue working properly for years to come. For example you might want to find one with better heat dissipation if you plan on overclocking your CPU or GPU.

It might also help if it has more than enough USB ports so that you don’t have to buy a separate hub later on down the line. However before making any major purchase decisions always make sure that everything works properly first by doing some research beforehand and asking around about what kind of experience others had with certain brands/models before taking a leap of faith with them yourself.

How To Save Money When Replacing Your Old Motherboard?

When replacing your laptop motherboard it’s important to be cost-effective. If you can find replacement boards for your specific make and model laptop you’ll usually save some money over going with a generic board. However if you find that these are simply too expensive there are other ways to save money when replacing your laptop motherboard.

Fortunately there are ways to save big bucks when repairing or upgrading your system. You can check out online auction sites like eBay or Craigslist as well as local classified ads. You might also consider buying used parts from friends who have upgraded their systems to keep costs down. Another way to save money on your repair is by taking advantage of any discounts offered by manufacturers. Many companies offer rebates on computer parts so be sure to take advantage of them whenever possible!


Q: Is it worth replacing the motherboard on a laptop?

Yes you have to replace it with efficiency whenever you face liquid damage graphic run-out chip and damaged power jack. Motherboards are very expensive to replace. Yet if your laptop deserves a new replacement you should go for it.

Q: Can I replace the motherboard myself?

A newbie with no repair knowledge is not recommended to perform it alone. If you learn it through guidelines you can assuredly perform it with specific tools.

                                           Final verdict

Great job! We have reached the last part of our article. The top-notch information on how to replace a laptop motherboard will yield fruitful results. If you want to perform it yourself read it carefully before moving on.

Moreover it would be best if you also utilized tools and equipment while following our instructions. Our replacement guidelines are created so that even a newbie can perform it with self-belief. Hence don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section.

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