How To Know Screen Size Of Laptop Without Measuring? Guide

Switching to a new laptop model or wanting to buy a protector for your current one you may need to know the size of your laptop screen. Well nobody remembers the screen size all the time and you must be wondering how to find that now.

Most of the time when the newer models are introduced in the market they claim to have better and bigger displays. Now this bigger display comes at a bigger price so while you invest in that make sure the size is worth investing in compared to your old one or not.

Display quality doesn’t only depend on the dimensions of your screen but it is one of the major factors. Here are some smart ways to know the screen size of your laptop without measuring it physically with a scale or tape.

Finding the Laptop Screen Size

Depending on your need the dimensions to measure vary. For example if you want to know the screen size of your laptop for buying a bag or applying an outer protector then the screen size is measured from the edges.

While for display size of the screen the size is measured without the bezels or plastic edge and only the part where we see our display. You can measure the outer dimensions of the laptop screen by measuring it diagonally or with a measuring tape to measure both horizontal and vertical edges from the above screen.

Knowing Laptop’s Screen Size without Measuring

Manual measurement can have precision errors and if you want to buy a perfect fitting filter or protector then the right screen size is eminent. So if you are looking for ways to  know the screen size of your laptop without measuring then the following is your answer:

  • The Model Number

Usually the manufacturer mentions the screen size in the model number or name. for example if you are buying ACER nitro S202HL then here after the ‘S’ the size is mentioned as 20 inches. Although the sequence and letter might differ in various brands most of the time model numbers have the information of screen size in them.

  • Check the back of the laptop

Another way to check your laptop’s screen size is to view the label attached on the backside of the laptop. This label has laptop specifications written on it and also the display or screen size. Moreover some of the laptops have a screen size written on the top corner of the screen so check that too.

If you can’t find the screen size of the laptop on the back of the laptop or don’t remember the model number you can check it from the user’s manual or the specifications mentioned on the laptop box.

  • Use App or Software

Another smart way to know your laptop’s screen size without measuring is to download online applications or software available to detect display size. You can view other specifications too via these applications. But make sure you download or use the right online tool not some fake one so you don’t measure the wrong size of the screen.

  • Search for model number online

If you know your laptop’s model number or the one you want to buy you can use that model number to view the specifications online. You can either use the manufacturer’s website to view the display information or can google the model or choose the best-fitted search result to view your screen size.

  • From Windows Display Settings

Now if you can’t find your laptop’s box or don’t remember the model number how can you know the screen size without measuring. Well that’s very simple and you can use your Windows settings panel to get all the information related to your screen model number and other features of the laptop.

  • Click on the ‘settings’ icon from the Windows menu and Go to the ‘Systems’ tab and from that select ‘Display settings
  • Now in the display settings menu click on the Advanced Settings option.
  • Here in advanced display settings all the model numbers and manufacturers’ information are mentioned.

You can see your screen size from here or use the model number to search online.

Screen Resolution Vs Screen Size

Now when you are talking about better screen resolution it doesn’t mean the screen will be bigger in size too. Screen resolution is the number of pixels the screen display has.

The more the pixels the crispier and high-quality display your laptop screen will have. While the screen size is only the physical dimension. You can have different screen resolutions at the same screen size.

Other factors to consider in picking the Screen

If you are looking for a better display on a laptop screen then screen size and resolutions are not the only factors to consider while buying. Below are some important factors contributing to the quality of display on a laptop screen:

  • Brightness

Brighter the screen the better the display. The brightness or nits of the laptop screen shows how much brighter the screen can display at night or during light issues. A standard 200 to 300 nits are considered a good screen.

  • Contrast Ratio and color accuracy

Another factor to affects the display or graphics of your screen is the contrast ratio i.e. the difference in different colors or the color accuracy. This shows how much different and accurate various shades of colors are displayed on your screen.

  • Black and White Balance

Similar to the contrast ratio but black and white balance or accuracy measures how accurate the laptop screen can display black and white areas on the screen or in an image.

  • Refresh Rate

One of the important factors for high demanding games or graphic designing software is the screen refresh rates. This is the frequency of changing images per second. The higher the refresh rate the better the graphics of the screen.

How to know the screen size of a laptop without measuring it?

 Imagine the fancy new leather bag you got for your laptop does not fit or the screen protector you ordered online is a tad too small. Well sorry to break it to you but size does matter.

How do you avoid these mishaps? Better yet why did they happen in the first place? Should not knowing something as basic as your laptop’s screen size be common knowledge? Finding out the screen size of your laptop is pretty simple if you have a measuring tape but it may get complicated if you do not have one on hand.

If you are short on time and supplies then here is how to know the screen size of a laptop without measuring it in easy methods with simple steps!

Know The Model Number

The model number can be easily found on a sticker behind your laptop. Take Toshiba laptops for example they have prominent labels that are usually very easy to find which can be demonstrated in the image below:

Remember to not confuse a model number with a serial number. Here you can see that the model number is PSL48U-01S004 so when you search it on Google and type “screen size” along with it then look into the certain “Specifications” page and check display specs that is where you will find out the actual and accurate screen size of your laptop and you will get your answer. You can also use the user manual that comes with your laptop as well.

If you have any other laptops that you want to know the model number of you can check out this link

Download Software or Check Online

Simply searching “screen size calculator” can show you many results but beware! You may end up getting scammed because very few of these sites will show authentic results and the rest will just be waiting to download malware into your device. A prominent and trusted program that you can use is Infoblip which comes with a screen size sensor that’s incredibly straightforward to use.

Though using apps found on the play store or any inbuilt store on your device may be a safer and better option to download extensions.

Measurement through the standard item

If you genuinely don’t want to try anything else and keep it as simple as possible this is the method for you. All you need is one thing: an A4 paper. This is the least complicated way of knowing the screen size of a laptop without measuring it. As you know an A4 paper is 13 inches so all that will be left for you is to put the paper on the screen and determine whether the size is greater or lesser than the paper. It will be one of 11.6 13.3 14.1 15.4 or 17.3 inches. Sounds pretty easy right?

Knowing how there are different screen sizes you may also want to know about your screen’s resolution which brings us to our next method.

Screen Size in Pixels

You do not have to be a technology expert or geek to know if the display quality is terrible or amazing. The experience you get out of looking at a screen is what you call a resolution and what makes this resolution good or bad are the pixels. They are put in either horizontally or vertically and their number is frequently depicted in illustrative terms i.e. 1280 x 1024 which represents 1280 and 1024 pixels respectively. The ultimate volume of pixels a screen demonstrates the smoother and better will be the presentation outcome.

So if you want to know what is your laptop’s screen size in pixels keep on reading!

Discovering your Laptop’s Screen Size in Pixels

Since we are all about simplicity let us sum this up for you in easy-to-follow steps!

  • Start with “Settings”
  • Go to the “Display settings” tab
  • Click on it
  • You will notice the “Display resolution” selection
  • The digits you see there will be your Screen Size in Pixels.

How to evaluate the screen size of the laptop in settings?

  • Find windows “Setting.”
  • Then click on system
  • Afterward a window will open below
  • Clicking “Advanced display settings.” Is the final step
  • You will see all the information associated with your screen.

What is the difference Between Screen Size And Resolution?

The screen resolution is measured in pixels and related to the display meanwhile screen size is the material quantity of the screen and is measured in inches.

What is the perfect screen size of a laptop? It depends on your field of work. For example if your field of work requires better specifications like gamers or graphic designers then a bigger size would be more suitable.

What is the size of a screen? The size of a screen is usually characterized by the length of its diagonal. It is the distance between the two opposite corners of the screen.

Five Facts

  • All laptop devices come with a distinct model number that helps find suitable information.
  •  Poor or costly has nothing to do with the screen quality but it influences the screen size.
  • Display size defines the excellence of the display.
  • The screen size of desktops laptops or monitors is calculated by measuring the distance from the opposite corners of the screen.
  • Laptops that accommodate a screen that is larger than 15-inches are deemed bigger-sized laptops and are better for editing and gaming.


1. What screen size on a Laptop is considered good?

Considering the ease of use and portability along with a good display screen size of 16 or 17 inches is optimum.

2. How much screen resolution offers a good graphic display?

For good graphics you can go for 4K or UHD resolution but a 1920X 1080 pixels resolution is the minimum you require.

3. How to measure Screen size for buying a laptop or a bag?

For a laptop bag the screen size is measured with the bezel edges or you can see the physical dimensions mentioned in the manual to know the outer size.

4. Is the 17-inch screen size too big for working on the go?

If you want a compact device then a 17-inch screen size perhaps will appear larger and difficult to carry on the go.

5. How to pick the right screen filter size?

For screen filter size you need the correct screen display size or the viewable area and exclude the edges. You can measure it by using tape diagonally so you get the perfect fit and privacy after applying the filter.

Bottom line!

Hopefully you are not confused now about how to know the screen size of your laptop without measuring. Although it is better to use two or more methods so you are confirmed about your dimensions.

In addition to that if you are switching or buying a new laptop then make sure to choose a good screen resolution and display accuracy apart from just a big screen! After reading this article we hope to have eased some of your difficulties. Before you go here is a piece of advice: after measuring the screen size write it down so you don’t have to do it again. Now go get the right-sized laptop bag!

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