How to Charge JBL Charge 4? [Easily]

To charge your JBL Charge 4 follow these steps:

  1. Use a JBL charger for best results[1].
  2. Open the port door on the back of the speaker[1].
  3. Plug in the USB-C power cord to the Charge 4[1].
  4. Plug the AC adapter into a wall outlet and connect it to the other end of the USB-C power cord[1].
  5. The LED light will turn on while charging and turn off when fully charged[2].

What is the average charging time for JBL Charge 4?

According to the specifications of the JBL Charge 4 it takes four and a half hours to fully charge the speaker[1][2].

Is it safe to use a third-party charger to charge JBL Charge 4?

It is generally safe to use a third-party charger to charge JBL Charge 4 as long as the charger meets certain specifications. The JBL Charge 4 comes with a Type C USB cable that can be used to charge the speaker and other devices like smartphones[1]. There are also third-party chargers available on websites like Amazon that are compatible with the JBL Charge 4[2]. However it is important to ensure that the charger provides enough power and does not damage the battery. According to a discussion on Apple Community it is safe to charge an iPhone with a JBL wall charger as long as it is 5W and 1amp or higher[3]. It is recommended to check the specifications of any third-party charger before using it to charge your JBL Charge 4.

Can JBL Charge 4 be charged while playing audio?

Yes the JBL Charge 4 can be charged while playing audio[1][2][3][4]. However note that the battery will recharge more slowly when you are using the speaker[3][4].

How can I tell if my JBL Charge 4 is fully charged?

To tell if your JBL Charge 4 is fully charged you can look for the last indicator light to stop blinking[1]. Alternatively you can check if all the battery status lights are glowing[2]. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge the battery[3] and you should make sure that the charging light on the base of the device is blinking when you plug in your charger[4].

Is there any way to extend the battery life of JBL Charge 4?

Yes there are ways to extend the battery life of JBL Charge 4. One way is to use an adapter with a higher current which can speed up the battery charging[1]. Another way is to replace the battery with an extended life battery replacement kit[2][3]. However it is important to note that leaving the JBL constantly connected to electricity may not be beneficial for its battery life[4]. Additionally holding down the Bluetooth button and volume up button simultaneously for a few seconds can reset the device and potentially improve its performance[5].

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