How to Unlock a Dell Inspiron Laptop Without the Password?


We know the trouble your nerves get when you forget your device’s password. The world seems to be collapsing in front of your eyes. However, there are easy solutions to your problem.

In this article, we’ve step by step discussed 4 methods with which you can unlock your dell Inspiron laptop without the password.

And don’t worry your data won’t be deleted during the process.


1. Unlock with password reset desk

This is the best and the easiest way to unlock your dell Inspiron laptop without your password. You would have got a password reset disk with your device. Search for it and you can follow the following steps to get access to your laptop.

  1. First, boot your laptop. A screen will appear asking for your password. Write anything there and press the enter key.
  2. Next, you’ll see an option for resetting the password, click it.
  3. Insert your resetting disk now.
  4. A new window will appear and click continue to move forward.
  5. A dropdown menu will show up, select your resetting disk from there and hit continue.
  6. Now enter your new password and press enter.
  7. You’re done you’ve successfully reset your password.

But what if you don’t have your resetting disk? You can use the following methods.

2. Reset password through Microsoft account

An easy way to reset your dell Inspiron password without resetting the disk is through a Microsoft account. For this method to work,

We advise you to always connect your devices with your Microsoft account. It allows you to easily access it in case you forget your password. If both the above conditions are satisfied, you’re good to go with the steps below.

  1. Use any other device and open the “Microsoft’s Recover your account” page.
  2. Enter the details it asks for (email, phone number, and skype name). Then click next.
  3. Click the get code. You’ll receive a code in your email or through your phone number (whatever you have given).
  4. Enter the code to verify yourself and move forward.
  5. Now it’ll ask you to reset your password. Enter your new password and click continue.
  6. That’s it now go and unlock your dell laptop with your new password.

3. Use installation drive:

Another way to reset your password without resetting the disk is using the installation drive. Follow the following steps.

  1. Insert the installation drive and boot your dell laptop. This will restart your device.
  2. Press the F12 key again and again till you see the booting menu.
  3. Choose your disk type through the arrow keys and hit enter.
  4. In the prompt, change “magnify.exe” to “cmd.exe”. This will start the installation process.
  5. Remove the installation drive. Now write “wpeutil reboot” in the cmd window and hit next. This will start the rebooting process.
  6. When you reach the login page after rebooting, click the icon that appears at the bottom of the page. Select “Magnify” and erase your current password using cmd “net user your username”. Here replace your username with your real user name.
  7. You can add your account without the password. Press F2 to reboot again.

4. Unlock with a bootable flash drive:

Again for this method to work your laptop should be processing on Windows 10.

  1. Introduce your bootable USB drive into your dell Inspiron laptop.
  2. Press the F2 key (boot key for Dell laptops) until your laptop restarts.
  3. Once it’s restarted you’ll see the booting menu. Choose your device. If you’re using USB choose the removable device. If you’re using DVD, go for CD-ROM. Press any key to reboot your laptop.
  4. Select the language and other things it’s asking for then hit next.
  5. Click on “Repair your computer” then click “Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command prompt”.
  6. Search for your 10 installation drive by default it’ll be in Drive-D.
  7. Write “cd windows”. Hit enter.
  8. Type “cd system 32” then enter again.
  9. Type “ren ultiman.exe ultiman_bak.exe”. Next type “copy cmd.exe ultiman.exe”.
  10. Write “exit” and restart your laptop.
  11. Select “Ease of access”.
  12. Now enter “control userpasswords2” and press enter. Select your account and reset your password.

Tip: Copy all your important passwords in a Google docs sheet. In case you forget you can access the sheet from any device.

Can You Unlock Your Dell Inspiron Laptop?

Ever wonder if you can unlock your Dell Inspiron Laptop? The answer depends on whether it has a master boot record (MBR) or not. If you think you can, read on to learn how. If your laptop doesn’t have an MBR, don’t worry—you can still change the operating system that runs it and make it yours! If you have any problems or questions, leave them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Why Is My Dell Inspiron Laptop  Locked?

It’s possible to get a new laptop with a licensed operating system, like Windows 8.1 or 10, for free. However, you should avoid getting locked out of your device by not modifying its software or unlocking it for any reason. That’s because if you change something in your PC’s OS configuration and need help from Dell, later on, they may charge you for service because they can no longer verify that your system is genuine. If you want to make sure that doesn’t happen, here are some tips on how to unlock your Dell Inspiron laptop.

These Tips Will Help You Unlock Your Dell Inspiron Laptop:

 1) Go online and download one of several available programs designed specifically for unlocking laptops.

2) Plug in an external mouse and keyboard while installing these programs so you can use them during setup as well as after installation is complete.

3) Follow all prompts until your computer restarts automatically after installation is complete.

What Are The Benefits Of An Unlocked Dell Computer?

When you unlock your Dell laptop, you can use any type of sim card for internet access. For example, if you are traveling and visit a country that has a GSM network, but not a CDMA one (or vice versa), you can use an unlocked laptop to get online. If your phone is also unlocked, you can also transfer numbers between devices to make or receive calls.

Additionally, when you unlock your Dell laptop, it can be used with other carriers in addition to Verizon. So if you want to switch service providers at some point in time—whether due to price changes or poor customer service—you can do so without having to buy a new computer.  Finally, unlocking your Dell laptop will allow you to have access to 3G networks, even if you don’t have an active data plan on your device. In other words, by using an unlocked phone/laptop combination instead of one that’s locked into a single carrier or SIM card format, you can enjoy cheaper prices for both data plans and cell phones themselves!

While unlocking my dell Inspiron I saw so many tutorials on YouTube videos about how people try hard to find codes from web pages and tried each code from 1-8 times before they finally found out what they were looking for. This took them several hours per attempt and made them feel very annoyed as well as frustrated.

What To Do If Your Computer Is Locked By Service Tag Or Admin Password?

If you’re being asked for a Service Tag, use your laptop’s serial number. It can be found underneath your laptop. If you are being asked for an Admin Password, try entering some common passwords such as 12345678 or password. If none of these work, then it is likely that someone has locked your computer by using a BIOS password. A BIOS password can only be removed by someone who knows how to do so and will need physical access to your computer to do so.

This means that if you have lost access to your computer and have tried all of these steps with no success, then unfortunately there is nothing else that can be done until you get physical access back to your laptop.

To prevent any further damage from occurring on your computer, please contact Dell Technical Support for further assistance with removing any BIOS passwords from your system.

How To Remove A Windows Password?

If you forgot your Windows password and can’t get into your computer, don’t panic. There are a few ways to unlock it from the inside. First, restart your computer and enter BIOS by pressing Del or F2 during startup. In BIOS, look for an option that says Set Supervisor Password or something similar.

Select that option and type in a new password (make sure you remember it). Save changes, exit BIOS and restart your computer again. Enter Windows normally and log in with your new password. To reset your original administrator account without affecting other users on your PC, follow these steps: Click Start, then click Control Panel. Click User Accounts and Family Safety, then click User Accounts. Click Change Your Account Type.

Click Administrator, then click OK. Enter your current password when prompted; then enter a new password twice to confirm it. Log out of Windows; then log back in using your new administrator credentials (the one you just created).

Tips For Creating A Strong Password?

A strong password is one of your first lines of defense against hackers and computer criminals. Keeping that in mind, here are some tips for creating a strong password: Use lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols to create complex passwords.

If you use words out of a dictionary or common phrases, they’re much easier to crack. Don’t reuse passwords across multiple accounts. Create unique passwords for each account you have access to. Don’t share your passwords with anyone else, including friends and family members. Make sure you remember all of your passwords yourself so that no one can steal them from you if they get their hands on them somehow.

Finally, make sure not to write down any of your passwords where others can find them – even if it’s hidden away in a notebook or document file on your computer! Writing down your passwords can easily lead to a security breach if someone gets their hands on that information. In addition, never store your passwords online as keep me logged in options because that can lead to security breaches as well.

When setting up an account, select an option to keep you logged out after a certain period has passed without activity so there will be less chance of someone gaining unauthorized access through guesswork and brute force attacks when you aren’t using it.

Steps For Removing Administrator Password From a PC

To unlock your PC’s administrator password, you’ll need to go into its BIOS (the first screen that pops up when you turn on your computer) and reset it to factory settings. Here are some steps for removing a PC’s administrator password

1. Turn off your computer and unplug it from any power source.

2. Remove all cables from your PC, including Ethernet cables, USB devices, etc., so they don’t get damaged while working inside of your computer

3. Open up your PC’s case by unscrewing each of its screws with a screwdriver or coin

4. Find where you can insert a CD or DVD into your PC—usually in one of its front corners

5. Insert an empty disc into one of these slots

6. Turn on your computer

7. When you see an image like Press F2 to enter setup appear on-screen after turning on your computer, press F2

8. Follow any instructions that appear on-screen until you reach your computer’s BIOS

9. Look for a section called Security

10. Select Clear User Password

11. Type in admin as both a username and password

12. Hit Enter

13. Select Yes

14. Restart your computer

15. Wait for Windows to load

 16. Try logging into your PC without entering a password

 17. If that doesn’t work, try using another account’s login information

 18. If none of those options work, repeat steps 1 through 17 but select Restore Defaults instead of Clear User Password

 19. Log out and log back in

 20. Try logging into your account again

21. If that still doesn’t work, repeat step 19 but select Save & Exit Setup instead

22. If even doing all of those things didn’t help you get rid of your administrator password, contact Dell support

Why unlocking a Dell Inspiron laptop is so tricky?

Can you unlock my laptop? is probably one of our most frequently asked questions by users who have lost their product key. Unfortunately, unlocking a Dell Inspiron laptop is much more complicated than deactivating Windows.

Dell uses special software to lock down your system and prevent it from being used on another computer. This software can be difficult to remove and may even require you to reinstall Windows to remove it completely.

Few Other Ways

There are ways around these security measures, but they’re not easy or cheap. If you want to keep using your old Dell Inspiron laptop, we recommend buying a new copy of Windows or replacing your hard drive with a new SSD so that you can use your current operating system without any issues. (Keep in mind that neither of these options will allow you to re-use your original license.)

 For some people, however, those solutions aren’t ideal. If you’re determined to get Windows off your Dell Inspiron laptop and put something else on there instead (Linux comes to mind), here’s what you need to know: How do I delete Windows from my Dell Inspiron? Can I replace it with Linux? What can I do if I don’t have access to my product key? Can I recover data from an unbootable system? Is there any way for me to restore a deleted partition or otherwise undo changes made during an attempt at removing DRM protection? What about systems with no hard drives at all—can anything be done then?

Frequently asked questions:

1. What is the Dell administrator password?

The default password for Dell laptops is “Dell”. If this doesn’t work it means someone has changed it. It might be someone who has recently used your laptop.

2. How do I reset the administrator password on my Dell Inspiron laptop?

It’s an extremely simple process. Start your laptop and click the “reset password”. A new window will appear, just enter your new password there and hit ok. That’s it you’ve reset your administrator password.

3. How Do I reset my locked Dell laptop Windows 7?

You can use the 2 methods that we’ve discussed above to reset your locked Dell laptop if it’s processing on Windows 7.

  • Password reset desk
  • Installation drive

4. How to unlock a Dell laptop without the disk?

There are 3 ways to unlock a Dell laptop without a disk,

  • Use installation drive
  • Use your Microsoft account
  • Use a bootable flash drive

We’ve explained their step-by-step process above.

5. How do I Bypass the Windows login screen?

Press Windows key + R. A wizard will appear, write netplwiz or type userpaswards2 and click on enter. Now select the account you want to log in and don’t forget to uncheck the box saying the user must enter a password and username to log in. That’s it you’ve bypassed the windows login screen.


We’ve talked about how you can unlock your Dell Inspiron laptop without your password. We discussed 4 methods in which 2 of them require your system to be using Windows 10. However, you can use the other 2 on any operating system.

Hope this article helps you get your laptop access back.

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