How to Summon Your Sparrow in Destiny 2 on Xbox: A Comprehensive Guide

The Sparrow is an important vehicle in Destiny 2 that allows Guardians to quickly traverse areas by land. Resembling a hovering motorcycle Sparrows enable players to cover more ground faster compared to walking or jumping.

Knowing how to summon your Sparrow is an essential skill all Destiny 2 players should learn. This guide will teach Xbox users how to call their Sparrow at any time with step-by-step instructions and tips.

Key Takeaways
1. Sparrow Purpose
– Sparrows in Destiny 2 are essential vehicles for quickly traveling in open world areas and planets. They allow you to cover long distances efficiently and complete activities faster.
2. Prerequisites for Summoning
– To summon a Sparrow on Xbox you must own one in your inventory and be in an open world area or activity that permits Sparrow use. It’s specific to Xbox consoles and has a different button for summoning than on PlayStation.
3. Step-by-Step Guide
– To summon your Sparrow on Xbox open the Ghost menu by pressing and holding the Back button then select the Vehicle menu by pressing down on the D-Pad and finally summon your Sparrow by pressing and holding the X button. Mount your Sparrow by walking toward it and pressing the A button when prompted.
4. Additional Tips
– You can instantly summon your Sparrow using the “Summon Vehicle” emote. Different planets have improved Sparrows for faster speeds. Sparrows can take damage and explode so be prepared to summon a new one. You cannot summon a Sparrow while carrying objective items. Equip Sparrow mods on your armor for improvements.
5. Where You Can and Can’t Summon
– Sparrows can be summoned in open patrol areas some matchmade activities and certain raid areas. However they cannot be summoned inside buildings caves social spaces or most Crucible and Gambit maps.
6. Conclusion
– Mastering Sparrow use is crucial for efficient travel in Destiny 2’s open world areas. The guide emphasizes that Xbox players can summon Sparrows by opening the Ghost menu and pressing the appropriate buttons. The article encourages readers to use Sparrows for faster movement and rewards.
7. FAQs
– The FAQs section provides answers to common questions about acquiring Sparrows restricted areas upgrading Sparrow speed Sparrow durability and performing tricks. Xbox players can find valuable information to enhance their Sparrow experience.

When You Should Summon Your Sparrow

Summon your Sparrow whenever you need to get from point A to point B quickly. Sparrows shine when you need to:

  • Travel long distances across open world areas and planets
  • Complete bounties and quests faster
  • Outrun enemies or environmental hazards
  • Reach a new area or activity start point quickly

Just be aware that Sparrows cannot be used everywhere – some areas like inside buildings and caves will not allow you to summon your vehicle.

Prerequisites for Summoning Your Sparrow

Before you can start zipping around make sure you meet these requirements:

  • Own at least one Sparrow in your inventory. Acquire these from vendors activities Bright Engrams or Collections.
  • Play Destiny 2 on an Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S console. PS4 and PS5 have a different button to summon Sparrows.
  • Be in an open world area or activity that permits Sparrow use. You cannot summon them in most indoor spaces.

Once you meet these prerequisites you are ready to summon your Sparrow on Xbox step-by-step.

Step-by-Step Guide to Summoning Your Sparrow on Xbox

Follow these instructions to call your Sparrow instantly:

Open the Ghost Menu

The first step is to open your Guardian’s Ghost menu which allows you to summon vehicles.

To open the Ghost menu:

  • Press and hold the Back button on your Xbox controller.

This will call out your Ghost companion and display the main menu interface.

Select the Vehicle Menu

With the Ghost menu open you need to select the Vehicle summon menu.

To open the Vehicle menu:

  • Press down on the D-Pad on your Xbox controller
  • Alternatively press the S key on a keyboard

Summon Your Sparrow

Now you are ready to call your Sparrow.

To summon your Sparrow:

  • Press and hold the X button on your Xbox controller

Mount Your Sparrow

The final step is to hop on your Sparrow and ride away.

To mount your summoned Sparrow:

  • Walk towards the front of your summoned Sparrow
  • Press the A button on your Xbox controller when prompted

And that’s it! You can now summon your Sparrow at any time on Xbox by opening your Ghost menu and selecting the vehicle summon prompt.

Tips for Summoning Your Sparrow

Keep these additional tips in mind when calling your Sparrow:

  • You can instantly summon your Sparrow without the Ghost menu by using the “Summon Vehicle” emote with up on the D-Pad
  • Each planet has unlockable improved Sparrows you can acquire for faster speeds
  • Your Sparrow can still take damage and explode – summon a fresh one after a cooldown if this happens
  • You cannot summon a Sparrow while carrying objective items like balls or crystals
  • Equip Sparrow mods on your armor to improve handling durability or speed

Mastering Sparrow use ensures you can complete bounties quests and activities much quicker in Destiny 2’s massive open worlds.

Where You Can and Can’t Summon Your Sparrow

Sparrows can be summoned in open world patrol zones and some activities. But there are limitations:???? DO summon your Sparrow in:

  • Open patrol areas like the EDZ Moon Dreaming City
  • Some matchmade activities like Strikes
  • Raid areas like the Last Wish vault encounter
  • Private Crucible matches???? DO NOT summon your Sparrow in:
  • Inside buildings caves and underground areas
  • Social spaces like the Tower or H.E.L.M.
  • Most matchmade Crucible and Gambit maps
  • Raids other than permitted rally flag areas
  • Legend/Master Lost Sectors

Get to know when your Sparrow will work in an area before attempting to summon it. Keep the tips above in mind and you will master Sparrow travel on Xbox.


  • Sparrows provide speedy travel in Destiny 2’s big open world areas
  • Xbox players can easily summon Sparrows by opening their Ghost menu and selecting the Vehicle prompt
  • Press and hold the X button to summon your Sparrow after selecting the vehicle option
  • Walk up to the summoned Sparrow and press A to mount it
  • You cannot use Sparrows in some indoor areas or raid encounters
  • Mastering Sparrow use will help you complete objectives and bounties faster

Summoning your Sparrow is a key skill every Guardian should learn. Use this guide to travel in style and speed on your next Destiny 2 adventure on Xbox. The faster you can move between areas the more rewards you will reap.

Is the Summoning Mechanism in Destiny 2 Similar to the Breeding Mechanism in Minecraft Xbox One?

The summoning mechanism in Destiny 2 is not similar to the breeding mechanism in Minecraft Xbox One. In Destiny 2, players summon powerful characters to aid them in battle, while in Minecraft Xbox One, players use specific items to breed villagers in minecraft and create offspring with their own unique traits.

Frequently Asked Questions about Summoning Sparrows on Xbox

How do I get more Sparrows in Destiny 2?

There are a few ways to acquire new Sparrows in Destiny 2:

  • Complete story campaigns and quests that reward Sparrows
  • Earn faction reputation rewards from vendors like Commander Zavala
  • Purchase from Eververse with Bright Dust or Silver
  • Receive from Bright Engrams and season pass reward tracks
  • Complete raid challenges and high difficulty activities

Each planet has special exotic Sparrows that can be earned through quests or triumph completions.

Why can’t I summon my Sparrow here?

If your Sparrow prompt is greyed out or you cannot call your vehicle you are likely in a restricted area. Most indoor spaces raid encounters and some PvP maps prohibit Sparrow use. Wait until you are in an open world patrol zone to try summoning again.

How do I upgrade my Sparrow’s speed?

Sparrows come in different speed tiers – Common Uncommon Legendary and Exotic. The higher the tier the faster your Sparrow can travel. To upgrade speed acquire higher tier Sparrows from the sources mentioned above.

Can Sparrows be destroyed?

Yes enemy gunfire collision damage and environment hazards can destroy your Sparrow. Give it a few seconds to cool down before summoning a fresh one. Equip Sparrow armor mods like Improved Assembler to make your Sparrow more durable.

How do I do tricks on my Sparrow?

To do mid-air tricks while riding your Sparrow press in the right thumbstick on Xbox controllers. Perform tricks to unlock triumph objectives.

That covers the key things Xbox players need to know about summoning Sparrows in Destiny 2. Get out there and start speeding across planets on these essential vehicles.

How to summon your sparrow

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