Is 400 MBPs Good For Gaming In 2022 [Expert’s Opinions]


When you’re playing games on a PC or a console device like the PS4 or Xbox, you may want to confirm that your internet connection is fast enough to keep up with other gamers and keep you competitive.

However, to have the most pleasing gaming experience, you must also have a good upload speed, minimal latency, and ping.

We have thus come up with this article to help you know better whether a 400 MBs internet connection is good for gaming or not. So without further ado, let’s dive into the details.

Factors affecting Internet Speed

The following factors will let you know quickly how they positively or negatively affect your internet connection’s speed.

➢   Ping

It is a digital estimate of how well your internet connection is performing; the lower this indicator, the more smooth your gaming experience will be. Ping is typically displayed at the bottom of the screen throughout online gaming and varies depending on your internet connection.

These are shown in the form of “ms,” which stands for milliseconds. A good ping indicator should be between 20 and 40 milliseconds; however, if you don’t have a good internet connection, you may have milliseconds ranging from 100 to 200 milliseconds.

Although more fantastic ping indicators may provide a reasonably viable gameplay experience, they are not enjoyable and sometimes annoying due to a large percentage of delayed or total hit registry loss.

➢   Lag

It occurs when your game does not respond when you simultaneously push a button on your keyboard, mouse, or controller. It can end a competitive gaming session and a recreational gaming session, thus leading to your defeat in the games.

It can be caused by high latency and ping, a poor internet connection, or a high proportion of package loss.

Although input lag is not directly related to pings, it can impact your gameplay experience.

➢   Downloading speed

It is also an essential digital terminology for detecting either positively or negatively your internet connection speed.

Most online games require only a 3 Mbps download speed to be played. However, more internet speed is always better and will be especially useful while downloading and installing the game for the first time.

While the upload speed is usually comparable to the download speed, if you are unsure, ask your internet provider.

An uploading speed of up to 3 Mbps is enough for a reliable relay between your machine and the gaming servers for regular online games.

➢   Latency

It is how long it takes your computer to communicate with the game servers.

Your latency should be as low as possible, measured in milliseconds.

The latency ratio is determined by the distance between you and the server. It is directly related to the ping you experience while playing online games.

If your latency is more significant than 100ms, you may experience input lag or delays during battles or other critical moments in your games.

➢ Uploading speed

This is the rate at which your device uploads data to the server. This information includes your movement registry and other input keymappings.

Why Is 400 Mbps Good For Gaming?

When it comes to productivity, a high-speed internet connection is vital. You may determine whether a 400 Mbps plan is fast enough for your requirements by taking an average of all of your daily internet activities.

According to a detailed analysis, 400 Mbps is fast enough to handle high internet traffic and several devices at the same time.

As a result, most internet consumers who have signed up for a 400 Mbps plan admit that it is the fastest option available. If you’re still not convinced, consider this: a 480p resolution movie can be downloaded in 11 seconds. You can now imagine the quality of your games with these internet speeds!

Long-distance web conferencing becomes more accessible when using fiber optic connections, which give equal download and upload speeds. This new feature has been added to modern games. Its responsibility is to minimize cheating among online gamers in the gaming era.

Why Good Internet Connection is a Must for Gaming?

Having a fast Internet connection can be the difference between winning and losing in many cases, especially when it comes to multiplayer games. Whether you’re playing against an opponent who lives in another country or state, or simply someone who happens to have a slower connection speed than you, it’s important to always have a good Internet connection if you want to be at your best while gaming online.

The importance of a fast internet connection

Even if you’re willing to wait hours or days to download that game or huge patch, it’s not going to matter. Your internet connection will cut out and your downloads will be interrupted. If you want a smooth gaming experience, fast internet is an absolute must. But how much speed do you need?

For example, Netflix recommends at least 5 Mbps for streaming HD video. Some gamers may only require 3 Mbps to enjoy their games with minimal lag time. When planning your network setup, it’s important to know what kind of speeds are required by each device to ensure everyone has a good time online.

The relationship between ping rates and online gaming experience

When you’re gaming online, you need to have good ping rates. A high ping rate means you experience lag during your games; it also means your character will move on its own, regardless of what you’re doing. It’s an awful feeling—but there are ways to get better ping rates and eliminate that lag. All it takes is a better internet connection (and some patience).

If you’re thinking about upgrading your connection, here are two reasons why a fast internet connection is a must for gamers:

1) You don’t want to be left behind: If you want to play with other people online, then you need to make sure they can see and hear you clearly. The last thing anyone wants when playing games with friends or strangers is being left behind because of poor ping rates.

2) You won’t lose precious time: When playing video games online, time matters — especially if you like multiplayer modes or competitive scenarios where every second counts. With bad connections, your game will lag while other players run circles around you.

What should be my target ping rate?

Now that you know what ping rate you should be looking for, it’s time to learn about ping. Ping refers to how long it takes for your data packet to travel from your computer, through your ISP, and out onto the internet. When you play online games against opponents around the world, high ping will result in significant lag time, making gaming nearly impossible.

 Since latency varies from server to server and ISP to ISP, there is no way of determining an ideal target ping rate outside of testing on live servers.

 Next, try pinging a few different game servers. You may find that you get better results with some than others; if so, keep those in mind when shopping for an ISP or host (see next section). It’s also worth noting that many ISPs throttle bandwidth during peak hours; if possible, avoid playing during these times to avoid slowdowns due to congestion or packet loss—especially if you’re already experiencing high ping rates!

What is bandwidth and how does it affect online gaming?

Bandwidth refers to how much data can be transmitted over your internet connection. It’s usually measured in Megabits per second (Mbps). The more Mbps you have, the faster data can move from you to your gaming server (in theory). If one gamer has 5 Mbps and another has 20 Mbps, theoretically speaking, a 20 Mbps connection will allow for faster response times than a 5 Mbps connection. This means better performance in online games. In reality, though, it’s not that simple.

There are many factors that affect game performance the speed of your CPU and graphics card being two of them and these factors play an important role in determining how well you’ll perform against other players with different bandwidth speeds. And even if all else were equal between two gamers, there are some things that just can’t be improved by upgrading your bandwidth: latency and packet loss.

Ways to speed up your internet while still connected through WiFi

You can’t do much to speed up your internet on WiFi, but you can try to optimize your connection. If your signal is strong, avoid downloading anything or watching videos that aren’t essential—that way you won’t experience any lag when you’re trying to game. If your signal isn’t as strong, it might be better to use a wired connection if possible.

That way you can connect directly to your modem and bypass any wireless interference in your home. In addition, make sure there are no other devices connected to your network (such as printers) that could slow down speeds. Also, consider upgrading from 802.11n to 802.11ac if you haven’t already done so—it will give you faster speeds with less interference than older versions of Wi-Fi.

And remember: Fast internet is great for gaming and streaming video, but don’t sacrifice quality just because of how fast something loads! Instead of waiting impatiently while something buffers, take a break and come back later when it’s finished loading; otherwise you’ll end up missing out on some of what’s happening in whatever show or game is being streamed.


A download speed of 400 Mbps is enough for gaming on a PC or console, whether you use a wired or wireless connection.

However, keep in mind that besides download speed, the upload speed, latency, ping, and packet loss are crucial for a better gaming experience.

Different forms of internet service can also deliver better or poorer connectivity depending on the service provider.


1. What can be the best internet connection for online gaming?

A fiber-optic internet connection is, without a doubt, the best sort of internet connection for online gaming. Cable internet comes in second, and while 5 G’s latency features are constantly improving, it is still not a dependable option to broadcast games. As 5G is still the latest invention, latency data is challenging to come by.

2. How do you reduce lag if you have high latency?

If you have significant latency and lag while playing online or streaming games, you should do a few things to lessen the lagging and keep things running smoothly.

3. Is 400 Mbps good for the PS5?

There is no difference in which device you play your online games on, so whether you are playing on a PlayStation, Xbox, or a desktop with a slow internet connection, you may not be getting the time of your life.

4. What is a good MBPS for gaming?

25 MBPS is sufficient for gaming. To have a good gaming experience, the ping should be less than 40 milliseconds, with low latency and packet loss. In reality, games that require little action time can run on internet speeds as low as 3-4 Mbps.

5. Is 400 Mbps fast internet?

Yes, even in 2021, most internet users use internet speed packages that are significantly lower than 400mbps. The speeds mentioned above are significantly faster, even by today’s standards.

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