How to Jtag Xbox 360? [5 Steps]

JTAG or Joint Test Action Group is a method of modifying your Xbox 360 console to unlock its full potential. It allows you to run unsigned code (homebrew) install larger hard drives launch games from the hard drive without a disc and more.

However the JTAG process is not straightforward and requires technical skills and specific equipment. You also need a compatible Xbox 360 model with a specific kernel version.

Here are steps to guide you through the JTAG process:

  1. Check Your Xbox 360: Ensure your Xbox 360 is exploitable with a kernel version of 2.0.7371.0 or lower. You can verify this by checking the system information on your console.
  2. Gather Parts and Tools: Collect the necessary components for soldering the JTAG cable including a 25-pin d-sub connector a 25-pin d-sub cable (LPT cable) resistors diodes a soldering iron and a computer with an LPT port. The specific parts may vary depending on your Xbox 360 model.
  3. Solder the JTAG Cable: Solder the JTAG cable following the wiring diagram for your Xbox 360 model. You can find video tutorials to assist with this process. Take great care to avoid damaging your motherboard or other components during soldering.
  4. Dump the NAND: Use the JTAG cable and NANDPro software to dump the NAND of your Xbox 360. This creates a backup of your original firmware which can be used to flash modified firmware later.
  5. Install XBR and Xell Software: Using the JTAG cable and NANDPro install the XBR and Xell software onto your Xbox 360. This enables you to run homebrew applications and games on your console.

It’s essential to note that JTAG is a complex and risky procedure that may void your warranty and potentially brick your console if not executed correctly.

Only attempt this if you have confidence in your skills and have conducted thorough research.

Be aware of the legal consequences of JTAGging your Xbox 360 as it may violate the terms of service and enable piracy. We do not endorse or support any illegal activities associated with JTAG.

How can I check the kernel version of my Xbox 360?

To check the kernel version of your Xbox 360 follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings hub on your Xbox 360.
  2. Select the System tile from the available options.
  3. Choose Console Settings from the menu.
  4. Under Console Settings highlight System Info which will display the current settings for the Dashboard and IP address.
  5. Look for the OS version number listed after the Dashboard heading in the grey pane on the right side of the Console Settings menu.

The OS version is equivalent to the kernel version of your Xbox 360. For instance if your OS version is 2.0.17559.0 then your kernel version is also 2.0.17559.0.

You can compare your kernel version with the list of updates and features in the provided link to understand the changes made to your Xbox 360 system.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of JTAGging my Xbox 360?

JTAGging your Xbox 360 is a process that allows you to modify your console and run unsigned code such as homebrew applications and games. However it also has some benefits and drawbacks that you should consider before attempting it. Here are some of them:


  • You can install any sized hard drive and launch games from the hard drive without a disc.
  • You can run homebrew applications and games that are not available on the official Xbox Live Marketplace such as emulators media players custom dashboards and more.
  • You can customize your games in various ways such as changing the graphics sounds gameplay and more.
  • You can access online features that are normally restricted or unavailable such as system link LAN parties and private servers.


  • You will get banned from Xbox Live if you connect your JTAGged Xbox 360 to the internet as the servers will detect the modified firmware and flag your console.
  • You will void your warranty and lose any official support from Microsoft if you JTAG your Xbox 360 as it is considered a violation of the terms of service.
  • You will risk bricking your console if you make a mistake during the JTAG process or use faulty software or hardware as it may damage your motherboard or other components.
  • You will expose yourself to legal consequences if you use JTAG to pirate games or software that you do not own or have permission to use as it is considered a form of theft and infringement.

As you can see JTAGging your Xbox 360 has both advantages and disadvantages that depend on your personal preferences and goals.

What are some examples of homebrew applications and games that I can run on my JTAGged Xbox 360?

Here are some examples of homebrew applications and games that you can run on your JTAGged Xbox 360:

  1. RAWx360: A port of the engine used in the game Another World a classic cinematic platformer from 1991.
  2. Réminescence: A port of the engine used in the game Flashback another cinematic platformer from 1992 that features rotoscoped animation and a sci-fi story.
  3. Exult360: A port of the engine used in the game Ultima VII a role-playing game from 1992 that is widely regarded as one of the best in the series.
  4. Super Mario War: A fan-made multiplayer game based on the Super Mario franchise where up to four players can compete in various modes and arenas.
  5. OpenJazz360: A port of the Jazz Jackrabbit engine a fast-paced platformer from 1994 that features a green rabbit with a gun.
  6. xBermuda360: A port of the Bermuda Syndrome interpreter a game from 1995 that is similar to Another World and Flashback but with more realistic graphics and physics.

Can Jtagging Xbox 360 Help with Cheating in Stardew Valley on Xbox?

Jtagging Xbox 360 can’t help with cheating in Stardew Valley on Xbox. However, players can improve their gameplay by learning effective fishing tips for Stardew Valley. Mastering fishing can lead to valuable in-game resources and a better overall experience in the game.

How can I restore my original firmware if I want to undo the JTAG process?

To reverse the JTAG process and get your original Xbox 360 firmware back you’ll need to follow steps akin to the ones you initially took when you JTAGed your console.

It’s crucial to have a backup of your original firmware which you should have created when you dumped the NAND of your Xbox 360 using the JTAG cable and NANDPro.

Without this backup restoring your original firmware might not be possible. Here’s a breakdown of the steps to help you revert to your original firmware:

  1. Start by connecting your Xbox 360 to your computer using the JTAG cable and a tool like the Xecuter x360 USB Pro.
  2. Launch NANDPro and use the command nandpro lpt: -r16 orig.bin to extract the original firmware from your Xbox 360 and save it as “orig.bin.” If you already have a backup of your original firmware you can skip this step.
  3. Execute the command nandpro lpt: -w16 orig.bin to write the original firmware back to your Xbox 360. This will replace the modified firmware with the original one.
  4. Disconnect your Xbox 360 from your computer and reboot it. You should now see the original dashboard and settings on your console.

It’s worth noting that restoring your original firmware is a risky and intricate process that could void your warranty or potentially damage your console if not performed correctly.

Only attempt this if you’re confident in your technical abilities and have done thorough research.

Additionally keep in mind that restoring your original firmware will remove all the advantages of JTAGging your Xbox 360 such as the ability to run homebrew applications and games.

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