How to Get Space Goat in Goat Simulator Xbox One? [Secret]

To obtain the Space Goat in Goat Simulator on Xbox One follow these steps:

  1. Collect All Trophies in GoatVille: Your first task is to collect all 30 trophies in GoatVille. If you’re unsure of their locations you can refer to a guide that provides details on where to find each trophy.
  2. Head to Goat City Bay: Once you’ve gathered all the trophies in GoatVille make your way to Goat City Bay. In this area you’ll need to locate a crashed UFO perched on top of a building near the carnival.
  3. Rescue the Space Goat: On top of the crashed UFO you’ll find the elusive Space Goat. To win its favor you must bring it a towel which can be found in the hotel near the beach in Goat City Bay.
  4. Unlock the Hitchhiker Goat Mutator: After offering the towel to the Space Goat your reward will be the Hitchhiker Goat mutator. This mutator will transform your goat character into a Space Goat complete with unique characteristics.

The Space Goat is a nod to Coffee Stain’s game Sanctum 2. Unlike a regular goat the Space Goat makes alien noises instead of traditional goat sounds and it uses its eyestalk for smashing rather than headbutting.

What are the other mutators in Goat Simulator and how do you unlock them?

In Goat Simulator there’s a wide variety of mutators that can alter your goat’s appearance abilities and even its physics. Some are available by default while others require specific tasks or the discovery of hidden items. Here’s a list of several mutators and how to unlock them:

  1. Tall Goat: This mutator gives your goat a giraffe-like height and slenderness. Unlock it by collecting 5 golden goat trophies in GoatVille.
  2. Feather Goat: Your goat becomes lightweight and gains the ability to jump higher. Unlock it by collecting 10 golden goat trophies in GoatVille.
  3. Giant Goat: This mutator transforms your goat into a massive heavy goat with a deep voice. Collect 20 golden goat trophies in GoatVille to unlock it.
  4. Space Goat: Turn your goat into an alien resembling Sanctum 2’s characters. Unlock it by collecting all 30 golden goat trophies in GoatVille and offering a towel to the Space Goat on the UFO in Goat City Bay.
  5. Devil Goat: Give your goat horns red eyes and the power to summon goats from the sky. Unlock it by dragging 5 people to the pentagram behind the party in GoatVille.
  6. Angel Goat: Your goat acquires wings a halo and a peaceful aura. Unlock it by not causing harm to anyone or anything for 5 minutes in GoatVille.
  7. Jet Pack Goat: Equip your goat with a jet pack that can be activated with the Special button. Find the jet pack near the wind turbines in GoatVille to unlock it.
  8. Queen Goat: This mutator grants your goat a crown and the ability to summon peasant goats with the Special button. Reach the throne room in the castle in Goat MMO Simulator to unlock it.
  9. Ripped Goat: Make your goat muscular and capable of lifting heavy objects. Unlock it by working out at the gym in Goat City Bay.
  10. Robot Goat: Transform your goat into G-2 a robot from Sanctum 2 featuring a laser eye and a charge attack. Find all 6 robot parts in Goat City Bay to unlock it.
  11. Blue Streak: Make your goat resemble Sonic the Hedgehog with increased speed and a spin attack. Unlock it by finding the blue shoes near the skate park in Goat City Bay.
  12. Italian Dinosaur Goat: This mutator turns your goat into a Yoshi lookalike from Super Mario complete with a long tongue and an egg attack. Unlock it by licking the hanging glider near the roller coaster in Goat City Bay and flying through all 3 rings of fire.
  13. Goatborn: Transform your goat into the Dragonborn from Skyrim complete with a horned helmet and a shout attack. Unlock it by finding the Dovahgoat on top of the mountain in Goat MMO Simulator.
  14. Double Jump: This mutator allows your goat to jump twice in mid-air. Reach level 10 in Goat MMO Simulator to unlock it.
  15. I Am Bread: Turn your goat into a floppy piece of bread from I Am Bread complete with buttery effects. Unlock it by finding the bread inside the toaster house in Goat City Bay.
  16. I Am Toaster: Transform your goat into a toaster from I Am Bread featuring metal physics and toasting effects. Unlock it by finding the toaster on top of the skyscraper in Goat City Bay.
  17. Sweet Autumn Goat: This mutator gives your goat a pumpkin-like appearance with orange skin and green hair. Play the game during October or change your system date to October to unlock it.

These mutators add a delightful and absurd twist to the already wacky world of Goat Simulator allowing for even more comical and bizarre adventures.

What are the secrets and easter eggs in Goat City Bay?

Goat City Bay in Goat Simulator is a treasure trove of secrets and easter eggs adding an extra layer of fun and surprises to the game. Here are some of the notable ones:

  1. Whale: Climb to the top of the crane near the construction site and you’ll stumble upon a whale that you can lick and drag around. If you drop it from a great height it will explode causing substantial mayhem.
  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Venture into the sewers to encounter four turtles and a rat that closely resemble the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Beware though as they’ll attack you if you get too close.
  3. Deadmau5: At the concert area you’ll find a DJ sporting a mouse head that bears a striking resemblance to Deadmau5. You can choose to lick his head and wear it yourself or you can give him a headbutt sending him tumbling off the stage.
  4. Coffee Stain Studios: On the skyscraper with a helipad you’ll discover the office of Coffee Stain Studios the creators of Goat Simulator. Inside you can spot posters and references to their other games such as Sanctum and I Am Bread.
  5. Slender Goat: A creepy surprise awaits in the cemetery at night – a goat dressed in a suit and tie closely resembling Slender Man. This eerie goat will chase you and attempt to harm you with its menacing tentacles.

These secrets and easter eggs add an extra layer of entertainment and surprise to Goat Simulator making exploration of Goat City Bay an exciting adventure.

How do you get to the moon in Goat Simulator?

Getting to the moon in Goat Simulator can be a thrilling experience and the method you choose depends on the map and DLC you’re playing. Here are some of the ways to achieve this lunar adventure:

  1. GoatVille: Use the B(eacon) from the Starter House garage and place it on the empty pedestal at the Crop Circles. This action signals a UFO that will abduct you and transport you to space after some time.
  2. Goat City Bay: In this map you can either utilize the Flamingo mutator to fly to the moon on your own or you can find a toaster on top of the skyscraper and use it as a launching pad to reach the moon.
  3. Goat MMO Simulator: Shout your way to the moon with the Goatborn mutator or find a golden egg on top of the hill near the wind altar and hatch into a dragon that can soar to the moon.
  4. GoatZ: Make use of the Anti-Gravity Goat mutator to float up to the moon or locate a rocket near the airport and blast off to the moon.
  5. PAYDAY: With the Dolphin mutator climb the wall at the edge of the world to reach the moon. Alternatively find a pirate ship in the neighborhood and sail it to the moon.
  6. Waste of Space: In this DLC you’re already in space so simply locate the moon and travel there. Utilize any available vehicles or mutators to navigate the cosmos.

What are the achievements and challenges in Goat Simulator and how do you complete them?

Goat Simulator offers a delightfully chaotic experience where you get to play as a goat causing mayhem and completing various achievements and challenges. Here are some notable examples of these in-game tasks and how to accomplish them:

  1. Angel Goat: To earn this achievement refrain from any mischief for 5 minutes in GoatVille. Avoid harming anyone or anything as well as any explosive actions. After achieving this you’ll unlock the Angel Goat mutator bestowing your goat with wings a halo and a tranquil aura.
  2. Devil Goat: Bring 5 people to the pentagram behind the party in GoatVille to unlock this achievement. Lick them and drag them to the ritual site. As a reward you’ll gain the Devil Goat mutator giving your goat horns red eyes and the power to summon goats from the sky.
  3. Goat Queen: Ascend to royalty by finding the goat castle on the hill in Goat Ville. Enter the throne room to discover a crowned goat you can lick and wear the crown of. Completing this task grants you the Queen Goat mutator enabling your goat to summon peasant goats.
  4. Rymdskepp I Rymden: Travel to space by locating the beacon in the garage of the Starter House and placing it on the empty pedestal at the Crop Circles. This action signals a UFO that abducts you and takes you to space.
  5. The Flapmaster: Score 10 points in Flappy Goat at the arcade in Goat City Bay. This challenging mini-game a parody of Flappy Bird involves controlling a flying goat to avoid pipes.
  6. Daredevil: Jump off all the ramps in Goat MMO Simulator totaling six in various map zones. You can use vehicles or mutators to help you achieve the required jumps.
  7. Hunt: Find and lick 10 hidden strawberries around GoatVille. Keep an ear out for their squeaky sound as you search some are easily visible while others are cleverly hidden.
  8. Michael Bay: Make 10 gas canisters explode simultaneously in GoatVille. Locate gas canisters near the gas station the Low Gravity Testing Facility or the construction site. You can use your headbutt or lick abilities to move them together and then ignite them with your special ability or another explosive object.

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Are the Methods to Unlock Secret Characters in Goat Simulator Similar to Those for Unlocking Free Skins in Fortnite?

In Goat Simulator, unlocking secret characters involves completing specific tasks or finding hidden areas, while in Fortnite, there are 6 ways to get free skins including completing challenges, purchasing the battle pass, and participating in special events. The methods for unlocking secret characters and free skins differ in both games.

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