How Often Can You Change Xbox Gamertag? [2023]

Got it! It seems changing your Xbox Gamertag is a bit flexible. You can alter it once every six months but if it’s your first change Microsoft allows a free change irrespective of whether it was automatically generated for you.

Also for new Xbox players or those opting for a new name there’s a chance to claim a Gamertag with up to 12 characters.

Remember there are no constraints on changing your name on your Microsoft account.

What is the fee for changing an Xbox gamertag after the first free change?

After the first free change the fee for changing an Xbox Gamertag is $9.99 USD for free members.

However for Xbox Live Gold members the cost is $4.99 USD per change. It’s important to note that there is no limit to how many times you can change your Gamertag but each change will incur the associated fee.

If I change my Xbox gamertag will it affect my saved games or account progress?

Changing your Xbox Gamertag won’t impact your saved games or account progress. According to a Reddit post altering your Gamertag won’t affect your progress saved from games or linked accounts and subscriptions.

However certain games might link specific progress directly to the Gamertag name potentially resulting in the loss of that progress when you switch to a new Gamertag.

It’s important to note that most existing and older games were designed to work with the previous Gamertag system so you might still see your old Gamertag in some games.

Nonetheless changing your Gamertag shouldn’t impede your access to your games or previous content associated with that profile.

What are the benefits of changing your Xbox gamertag to suit your gaming personality?\

Changing your Xbox Gamertag can offer numerous benefits. It can help you stand out in the gaming community making it easier for other players to identify you in-game.

Additionally it allows for a fresh start letting you reinvent yourself within the gaming world. Moreover it’s a fun way to showcase your creativity and personality enhancing your overall gaming experience.

Importantly altering your Gamertag won’t impact your saved games or account progress.

How can you check the availability of a gamertag that you want to use before changing it?

To check if a Gamertag is available before changing it you have several methods:

  1. Microsoft’s Official Website: The most reliable way is through Microsoft’s site when initiating the change but not completing the process.
  2. Third-Party Websites: Some websites like and offer tools for checking available Gamertags for Xbox.
  3. Xbox Support: Reach out to Xbox Support for any issues or specific questions about Gamertag availability.

Keep in mind that third-party tools might not consider capitalization or spacing accurately potentially leading to availability discrepancies. Also variations with spaces could exist causing confusion. For the most accurate results it’s best to use Microsoft’s official channels.

What are some tips for creating a unique and memorable gamertag that follows the community standards for Xbox?

Here are some tips for creating a unique and memorable Gamertag while following Xbox community standards:

  1. Embrace Randomness: Unpredictable names are less likely to be taken. Get creative for something truly unique.
  2. Name Generators: Consider using one to generate ideas within the 12-character limit tweaking longer results by shortening or altering them.
  3. Language Play: Utilize non-English words or translations to craft an exclusive tag for English games.
  4. Check Availability: Ensure your chosen tag isn’t already taken by using online tools or Microsoft’s official channels.
  5. Follow Standards: Always align your Gamertag with Xbox’s Community Standards to ensure appropriateness within the gaming community.

Crafting a distinct Gamertag can elevate your gaming identity while abiding by Xbox’s community standards for a positive experience.

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